I Was Wrong Again


I thought that spring had finally come to our area here in Ohio. I was wrong. We are getting ready for rain tonight and tomorrow, and following that rainy cold front will be temperatures back in the 40’s. Really! I cannot make this stuff up!

I wondered why all day yesterday and today I was swollen in my joints and hurting all over. Now it all makes sense.

I just wish that Ohio’s bipolar weather would settle into one season. Warm, cold or hot. I don’t really care at this point. Just pick one and stick with it. This 80’s in the afternoon and 40’s overnight stuff is hurting me and many of my fellow autoimmune folks. Just stop! Yeah right, like I can change the weather…ha ha.

Hope you are not hurting in your area from crazy weather like we are here in Ohio! Have a good one!!


2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong Again

  1. Brenda

    Our weather here in PA is a lot like yours in OH. We are neighbors after all. lol But yes, this swing in the weather, the rains, etc…is keeping my Lupus issues flared up too.

  2. Mary

    I’m know what you are talking about. I live in Northeastern Ohio by the lake. You are right , like today-high 70’s and tomorrow a 20 degree drop.

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