Oh to Remember Better Days


Today is beginning to turn into a beautiful day! I would love to enjoy it. To do so, I need to be in the shade (where it is noticeably cooler) and wrapped in a warm blanket. Yeah, I am that person. If I can get warm, I might shed the blanket but who knows?

As I write this, my husband is weed eating the yard he mowed yesterday. It is good to see him out doing things and feeling so much better. I am so happy for him to be as normal as he can be despite his issues.

Today I have two people on my mind. One is a dear lifetime friend of mine who is undergoing a tonsilectomy today at age 53. She had some growths and needs them removed. The doctor doesn’t think they are cancerous but will biopsy them to make sure. I am thinking of you Joanne!

The other is my niece, Alli. She has been having all kinds of issues in her tummy lately. She has been unable to keep anything down for over two weeks now. I hope they find the problem and resolve it. She is undergoing scopes today to find the issues. I am keeping her in my thoughts as well.

As for me, well, I see my rheumy on Thursday. I am discussing with him possibly some prednisone and a few other items. I wanted to get back on the benlysta trial that is similar to the one I did a few years ago but I am not eligible because I was on the other one! So, I need to see about getting on the infusions, which my insurance will not cover. Why is it so hard tog et care for us lupies? I mean, approve the first drug ever for lupus and insurance companies make it cost prohibitive for the patients who need it! I wish we went back to when the doctors actually made these decisions, not some pencil pusher in an office building.

Well, enough ranting for today! I will close with a few pics of the parmesan bread I made yesterday. Have a great day out there everyone!!
jensiphone 925

jensiphone 927


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  1. Anonymous

    Your bread looks delicious!!!! I do not think I will ever be able to afford Benlysta! Hope your friend and niece will be ok!!!

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