Stress Much?


It’s a new day. New stress. Oh well. Suck it up buttercup. No matter how many times I get yelled at, it seems there are always many more to find. I apologize and it gets thrown back in my face. No reasoning allowed. Heaven forbid I actually finish what I am saying. Interrupting is the name of the game. If only ears would listen to what I am attempting to say, then how much easier would it be to discuss. I do not call yelling at someone and not allowing them to try to talk, a form of communication. I call it bullying and belittling. Well I am going ahead with plans to work on the house. Apparently if you pay all the bills it entitles you to do whatever you want, or don’t want to do. Forget that I buy all the food, etc and am basically the cleaning lady, cook and secretary. Among other things. Oh well. I try. Pushing me away and verbally assaulting me is not my idea of a good day. Sad.

As you can see, things are not good right now. I wonder if this is the “dry drunks” you hear about alcoholics having. I hope so because if this is his true self, I am in trouble.


2 thoughts on “Stress Much?

  1. Well I am in recovery, and have been for 21 years, I go to meetings 3 to4 times a week. so you are right that person is on a dry drunk. I have lupus & fibro. I am also taking chemo for my lupus am looking at surgery in the near future. & still go to my meetings sick or not. Anyway I hope the best for you. I don’t know if you are in recovery yourself go to a lot of meetings just for the support. If not you might consider ALanon. Good luck Sweetie.

    • Thanks Diane! I do go to alanon meetings. It does help. He won’t go to meetings. Thinks he has to tough it out. He reminds me of when he was drinking when he does this. It is hard. I am finding out about chemo next Friday. I am having stomach surgery in a month or so and possibly repair surgery for a hiatal hernia. It’s all hitting at once. I just want to have a bit of peace. It helps me venting on here because it gets it out. I feel better after. Way to go on your sobriety!! I hope you know it helps to hear about survivors who are maintaining. It gives me hope! Plus your lupus & fibro. Wow! I wish you better days today and always! It is hard to fight these horrible diseases. Please please keep coming back and sharing! It truly helps us all. Just knowing I am not alone helps me so much. Thanks for the information and sharing. ~Jen

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