Hello’s and Goodbye’s


Life has been kind of different in this last month. We lost a few friends to death. It is always sad when someone passes away. You struggle to find emotions that you don’t always show. You see old friends that you only see now at funerals. How sad is that?

My husband played music at the wake of a friend just two weeks ago. It was all of his favorite songs and a few more that had meaning to the family. I was so proud of him for doing it!

As for saying hello, we have had two new additions, one is a new great niece and the other is a friend of mine’s grandson. It helps to ease the pain of loss when babies are born! I have a new grandson due in August. It will be my second grandson out of 12 grandchildren! They have picked out the name of Samuel, which was my grandfathers name.

Otherwise, this weather has wreaked havoc on my body. For the last two days I have not been able to walk without help. My left hip is hurting so bad and it migrates pain into my back as well. I have either been laying down or sitting in the chair. Walking is painful. Sitting is painful. Laying is painful. I see my rheumy tomorrow so I figured I would wait and see what he thinks we need to do. In the meantime, I am taking prednisone along with otc tylenol.

How is your summer going? What things are you doing to have fun?


2 thoughts on “Hello’s and Goodbye’s

  1. Mary

    I’m with you in the hurting department. You are so right – walking is difficult-laying is difficult. Geesh!!!! Seems like this humidity in Ohio would “lube” our joints. HAHA

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