I have a question for you all. Please respond. I need some answers.

My rheumy told me today that he thinks I may have arthritis in my hips and spine. As I stated previously, I am having serious issues right now. Pain and more pain plus needing assistance to do most everything. So, I am having tests tomorrow. I just needed to know if any of you have issues with this and what is the prognosis? Thanks!!!


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  1. Mary

    I am also a Lupie-I have it in my knees and hips going into my feet. As I left a reply to your last post-I have been really feeling it the last few weeks. As of right now I am getting injections of cortisone from my Rheumy-and getting the same injections in my feet. Let us know how the tests come out!!

  2. Cindy

    Jen , I have osteoarthritis in my left hip, ankles, wrist and feet. I do have probelms most of the time moving around in bed and getting up . It is funny sometimes how I get out of the bed. I do a kinda flip.I have to laugh at myself. 🙂 The like to put an anitflam shot in the hips, but I am allergic to it they had to stop . I am on prednisone and that helps some. I do go to the chiro and that helps. So the other times, I just whine and hobble.So you take whatever they can give you to stop the hurting. Bless your heart … I am thinking this heat and rain is not doing none of us any good.

  3. lori

    I Have Arthritis Also In My Hip And Lower Back. I Need A Total HipReplacement And I’m Only 47! Been On Lots Of Anti inflamatories.

  4. Hey there again,

    I know I disappeared for a while. I have arthritis in both my hips and spine. I also have osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in my hips. I’ve done well managing though every person is different. Putting a heating pad on and taking advil or motrin usually allow me to function when they’re acting up pretty bad. Also keep moving! Even if it’s just a little, it helps them not get stiff. With some lifestyle changes and maybe medication changes it’s quite manageable (in my experience anyway) so your life shouldn’t be turned completely upside down! Feel better!

  5. Dee

    I went through years being told that I had rheumatoid arthritis and that it would only get worse. Eventially my doctor got around to testing for lupus finally things started to makes sense. I still have arthritis and the pain in my hips is sometimes unbelievable but as long as I know exactly what it is – I can deal with it better.

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