Rating position


I have been bragging for the last three days about how well my husband has been taking care of me. In fact, he was doing an exceptional job. Until…


Since the doctor told me to take Tylenol for pain on Thursday, I have politely asked him to get it for me. I have been painfully patient, literally. I have been in pain while a variety of reasons he has given for not getting the Tylenol for me. Today was my breaking point. Seriously. I politely asked him if he would get it for me and also butter and eggs. He exploded! Butter is too expensive. He then proceeded to tell me that the extra cost of butter was taking food out of his mouth! Um, my asking for butter was not that extreme. He purchased several new electronic devices this week. I think he should not complain about butter when he spent far more on his stuff! Ha! Crazy! Then he stormed out of the room and house!

I attempted to get out of my chair (my back and hips are still very painful) and due to my back issues I was unsteady and fell against my chair and slid down flat on the floor. I carefully and painfully rolled over and began crying. How awful not to be able to walk or crawl or even get up from the floor. I cried more and slid over to the phone and hit the intercom button for my husband. No answer. Great!! So I cried some more.

I finally called his mom and asked her to call back and tell him I was on the floor unable to get up. Before I could finish, he came in the back door. To make this story shorter, he basically yelled at me and was brusque. He finally yelled at me “Do you want my help or not?” I told him to go. He obviously just wanted to yell at me and had no empathy for my situation.

His behavior not only shocked me but hurt in really deep places of my heart. I mean, I learned a lot. He doesn’t love me, that’s the first thing I learned. He holds me responsible for leaving him last year (and still harbors hatred for it when it was his drinking and pulling a knife on me that made me leave). He doesn’t care if I am on the floor crying, because all he did was yell about my faults. He also didn’t care about my pain. WOW!! Eyes are opened!!

It sucks to find out that the person you love doesn’t love you. Apparently, we are only married for him to belittle me and treat me like dirt. He was so sweet then turned on me like that!! No regrets from him at all. Hmmmm…

All I know is I see my place in this family and it is in the trash can. I rank the lowest. Go figure.