Pain has been so intense the last week. Not letting up. I am taking Tylenol (finally) and still no relief. How much more before it gets better?

I have been so depressed. This pain is overwhelming me. I feel useless and a burden. I am pretty low.

It’s not a good day. Hoping it gets better.


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  1. Patti

    Last week I was in severe pain. I live next door to my elderly parents. My mother fell a month ago and broke both ankles and my Dad last week got sick with a blood infection. Since I can’t work and on disability I have had the task of taking care of both of them. By Sunday I was crying and asking my sister how can I take care of them when I am sick myself. Last Friday I finally called my Rheumy to get a prescription for prednisone. She said I was possible suffering from a flare.

    • Thanks for your comment! The rheumatologist said after tests that I have abnormalities in my spine and hips but that’s the source of my pain. It’s always something! I had cortisone injections in my hip and I am taking prednisone too but nothing is helping. I have an MRI on Friday morning so hopefully we can get this all figured out!

    • Patti you are a hero taking care of your parents as well as yourself! Many people today forget our elders are our responsibility. They took care of us when we were growing up so it is fitting that we take care of them in their twilight. My mom fell about a year ago and broke both arms as well as fractured both her hips. I moved in and stayed with her because this vital, physically fit elder could not do anything without assistance. Bless her, she knows my limitations so she would encourage me to nap when she did and such. It was scary to see this energetic woman become frail. She has since recovered her vitality but it brought home just how quickly things can change. I will pray for strength for you. Knowing that you are a blessing to someone else, like your parents, is really a blessing to you too!

  2. jeana

    I am sorry your day has been this way. It sounds like it is not the first day or problem with your husband. I do not know you or your husband or your marital history but I do know that stress adds to the pain and distress of lupus.
    Doiing the same thing over and over does not help. I am not saying divorce your husband, I am saying find a plan B so it is not as hopeless. Try to get some counseling. You cannot continue like this. The abuse will escalate. I have been there. It is not pretty.
    Praying for you!

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