Medical Storm


Been a really rough week here. I have had like a storm surrounding me health wise. I have had injections, X-rays, ct scans, iv’s, bloodwork and well, you get it. I now am having an MRI on Friday.

Apparently I have “abnormalities” in my X-rays of my spine and pelvis. Now I need an MRI to clear it up as to what is causing this horrible pain and making it extremely hard to stand, sit, lay or walk. Hoping we find out about that issue Friday!!

While undergoing all these tests, it was discovered that I have a urinary tract infection. Seriously. So now add cipro and pyridium (sp?) to my daily pills. Oh joy! Especially considering it hurts so bad to get up or down.

And finally, got my appointment for my pre-op physical before my gastric surgery to stop all this reflux. I am hoping the rest of this is gone before that appointment so surgery doesn’t get delayed.

So, all in all this week has been crazy and painful. On the husband front, he has gone into his “pretend nothing ever happened” mode. More on that another time.

Hope you are all staying cool in this withering heat! I am trying!


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