I need answers please!!


Ok, this is a rant so you are forewarned. Enter at your own risk.

As I stated before, my hips and back have been very painful, making it hard to walk, stand, sit or lay. Basically hard to do everything!! I have been this way for two weeks tomorrow.

Now, I have seen my doctors and been to the ER. I have had an X-ray, CT scan and an MRI. All last week. After the X-ray, I was told I have abnormalities in my spine and hips. So, dutifully and painfully I had all the tests. I have not had any pain relief except for Tylenol. Wait! At the ER they gave me morphine, which did allow me to get some rest but otherwise didn’t touch the pain.

I called my doctor on Friday afternoon for the results of the MRI. He had already gone for the day. I not so patiently waited all weekend for today to hear from him. I even called first thing this morning and was told that he would review the results and call me this afternoon. I waited again. By five o’clock still nothing. I tried calling but got no answer yet I left a message on the machine. It is frustrating because I have no idea where this is going. The longer it takes, the more worried I get. I know, don’t borrow trouble. I am not good waiting. I am much better at knowing than not knowing.

In the meantime, nothing has changed, back and hips are still painful. Still no relief, and still no answers. I might just scream!!


5 thoughts on “I need answers please!!

  1. nancy

    i know how you feel .i have the same happen pain in my leg my hips .the doctor don’t do anything for you they don’t call back .i feel like sometimes it not worth going to them because they don’t do anything for you and could care less i had blood work done and still no phone call with the results its been a month .so i feel your pain very well.nancy

  2. Mary

    And here we have to wait and worry which is no good for our Lupus with the strees we will get a flare lol

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