Test Results


Well, this morning I got the call from my doctors office. The doctor had reviewed my results and the conclusion is that there is an abnormality in my left hip that can cause my hip to “catch” while walking apparently. This “catching” can cause pain in my hips and spine. I was then asked by the office personnel if my pain had receded over time. Ok, I very politely told them that NO, it was still as bad as before despite stretching exercises and walking. I also said that the pain was very present and nothing had changed. At. All.

So, tomorrow I should hear from them again with anything the doctor has to say about nothing changing.

I am at wits end. I have basically been living in extreme pain (at least 8 out of 10 and I have a high threshold tolerance for pain), and NO RELIEF!!!! I want to scream!!!! I want to cry!!!! I just want this pain to STOP!!!!!! Is that too much to ask???


2 thoughts on “Test Results

  1. nancy

    no its not .these doctor you wait so long just to get that .i hope you find relief soon .they just don’t understand .i also have high tolerance for pain .i stop taking the pain they gave me because it don’t work all they can say it don’t work that s a strong pain pill .i throw my hands up and give up.feel better

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