Hello everyone! I must apologize for my absence but things are getting better each day!

My surgery is pretty well healed. That’s the good news. The incisions are healed and just itch now. I am still on soft foods restriction but getting around that as needed, hee hee. I know, I know, I am a non-compliant patient. That has been well documented on my behalf. The difference is that my mom and my mother-in-law have ganged up on me and are enforcing the rules for what I can eat. My mother-in-law came up from Kentucky and my mom of course, lives about three miles from me. Despite their vigilance, I have still managed to eat from the non soft food categories a few times. It’s just how I roll.

That is the plus side. I have also lost over 25 pounds since the surgery. I will take it. I hope to lose more than that but for now, I will take it.  It is anticipated that I will lose much more, given that my tiny stomach has been halved, but I can deal with it. I hope the weight loss will help with my joint pain too.

Now, on to the negatives. Yes, there are negatives here. In the course of the surgery, the doctor had to cut through an abdominal muscle. It was stitched up before they closed my incisions. Well, and this is my luck, just as I was feeling better from surgery, I had a set back.  I sneezed, quite unexpectedly. The result? I tore the stitches in this abdominal muscle and possibly tore the muscle itself as well. Yes, when I say I have ripped abs, I mean it literally. It is my left ab that this occurred with. So now I am literally laid up again. I have to take it easy to allow this muscle to heal. If I overdo it, I can risk more damage and prevent healing from happening. I am in an abdominal binder and hurt worse than the surgery ever did. Yup, score one for me.

Today is actually the first day since the rip that I feel improved. Of course, that could be the pain medicine talking but I am looking at it in the positive sense. I need some good things to happen.

Well, that is the long and short of it. Hope this day finds you all pain free and enjoying these last precious warm days.