Small Towns


I live in a small town. It is marginally bigger since I was a kid some 40 years ago but it is still small. It’s kind of wired to think that many of the folks running this town now are people I know or went to school with. Funny how that has happened.

Anyway, yesterday is the reason I bring all of this up. I have a lot of grandchildren, 12 in fact, and yesterday evening I got to watch our kindergartner in her first parade. It’s homecoming this week and my granddaughter is a wee cheerleader, as the peewee cheer squads are known. She and her squad are so cute! There are only four of them but they cheer their hearts out!!

As grandma, it is my duty to attend functions like this and take pictures and cheer them on. I did!! It was neat seeing other kids I “know” because of their parents being friends. A niece was in the parade too.

Small towns foster this type of fun I think better than larger ones do. Everyone does know everyone else in some way or another. If I don’t know the parents of the kids, it’s likely I know their grandparents. It’s like a big family in a way. We stick together no matter how far we roam. Here we call it Wildcat pride. We are fond of saying “Once a wildcat always a wildcat!”

It’s funny because we do tend to look out for our own, be it our kids/grand kids or someone else’s. I know growing up here that if I did something wrong, my parents usually knew before I got home! In some ways that still happens.

So, I enjoyed myself immensely last night. Here are a few pictures of our parade!

This is my daughters truck with my granddaughter in back!


These are random shots of the band and sport teams.