Weather Woes


It’s that wonderful time of year here in Ohio, the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, the air is crisper, high school football is in full swing and I hurt.

Every year at this time I think about moving south. Why? The weather changes hurt me. Spring and fall the most. Wild weather fluctuations accompanied with big fronts and rain are the worst. In Ohio, we have these in spring and fall. Lucky me. This fall is no different. I want to be out enjoying all the beauty that fall brings but the pain keeps me from doing as much as I would like to. The solution? I would love to move to a warmer climate.

I lived in Georgia several times and despite the mountains and cooler temperatures, my lupus didn’t hurt as bad there. I’m not sure why. I think it is because the weather there, while it does change, is not as unpredictable as here in the Ohio valley, or as we call it sinus valley. Yes it rains down there, but for reasons unknown to me, I just didn’t hurt as bad as up here.

Does that mean I would move back? If I could. My choices of where to live the remainder of my life are (in no particular order) Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee. Kentucky is my favorite because my familial roots are there. I know the weather isn’t much different from Ohio but my heart wants to live there. All the others are gorgeous in their own right and I would not hurt as bad. It’s mostly a dream though because my finances say I cannot afford to not only move, but live elsewhere.

Does the weather affect you all? What hurts you the worst? Hope today is a pain free day or as pain free as it can be. I leave you with a picture of me in the backyard enjoying the hammock on a warm autumn day.



4 thoughts on “Weather Woes

  1. debbie in chicago

    Hello Fellow Lupus Fighter!!
    This diease is so diverse. – everyone is affected so differently . I cannot tolerate heat/humidity/direct sunlight. I have spent 75% of the last 2 summers indoors & have not tolerated heat for approx last 6 yrs. – I was diagnosed Jan 2012 – the best wqy I can discribe how sun affects me is that even I’m having a good day & good outsidein 78 & up dergree temps my energy is zappeed immediatley; as if I were a slinky- as soon as I try & move, walk or just sit outside – I’m done. But the absolute worst is Heat & Humidity together – that leaves me as if I were the wicked witch from the west in The wizard of oz in the scene where they poured water on here and she melted. I am still learning how to live with the ever changing disease but I was Soo Happy this week with the cooler temps – I am a new peron Take Care

    • Hello! I hate to hear that summer does that to you. My battles are in spring and fall. Each lupus patient is different. All types of things can set off each patient differently. I hope you get relief with the cooler temperatures. Thanks for your comment!! Jen

  2. Anonymous

    You are looking great! Hope you are healing. I am an Ohioan also, and I feel the same. In a flare now-fatigue,aches,touch of a rash, knees are killing me. I agree, weather changes are brutal.

    • I totally agree. My hips are hurting and I am flaring with oral ulcers, hip pain,knee pain and achy. On low dose steroids to help. Stay warm and pain free as much as you can.

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