Some People Never Get It


I get so angry sometimes over a wide variety of issues. I want to talk about the idiots out there who need a two by four upside the head. You all know who I mean. We all know several of these people.

It’s the person who looks at you and tells you to suck it up. They say hurtful things implying that you are faking your pain. Shoot, sometimes they just say outright that they think you are lazy.

Idiots? Yes. However, the truth is they are to be pitied. Instead of being empathetic they think by putting you down, it makes them look better. Sadly the opposite is true. They really don’t get that by treating others badly, they are showing how sad their lives are.

I pity them. I pray for them. Most importantly, I hold back from hurting them because then I sink down to their level and feel awful. It helps me to think this, “I do not look good in prison orange” over and over until my anger cools.