Lupus Go Away!!


I began my day like any other. I woke up at ten, had breakfast and coffee, and sat in my chair to watch tv until I was fully awake. Here is where things went wrong.

I woke up at five pm. Yes, I fell asleep again. It was like I was in a coma. I would wake up briefly but couldn’t move. Like I was paralyzed. After a bit I would doze back off. Lupus brain fog. I hate it!!

So despite being back on steroids, I have slept this whole day away. I got up at five and made some soup beans and toast. I know protein is good for me. I also made another cup of coffee. My brain is still foggy. I I cannot believe it but I truly could go back to sleep again for the night. I guess for today, lupus wins. One battle for today is what lupus wins. However, I will win this war!!!

It’s funny how lupus does this.

By the way, I have a question for you all. Do any of you ever get little itchy blisters on your finger tips that burst and itch more? Just wondering.


4 thoughts on “Lupus Go Away!!

  1. Anonymous

    No finger blisters but many lost days just as you describe… Usually it is in response to high levels of stress. I bet the blisters are stress related as well. Hope they get better soon – sometimes you have to wonder just what God is thinking y’know ? I love your blog …. You have such an amazing way of describing things so aptly, and anyone who has lupus can recognize a kindred soul and know we are not alone with this weird and constantly odd way of life. Many blessings your way 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment and your kind words. I think you are correct. Stress level has been high lately. I am back on low doses of prednisone and feeling the stress of that too. I hope it all calms down at some point. Hope your day is good!!!

  2. Sheila Carlisle

    All of my fingers have blisters on them. It is horrible! So sorry that you feel so bad! Prayers your way!

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