What a ride!!!


As most people know, the Philippines were hit today by super typhoon Yolanda. This typhoon is epic in that it is the biggest typhoon in recorded history. It is frightening to think about being in the middle of the storm I should know. You see, I have family there.

My daughter-in-law contacted me early morning on Thursday to let me know what was happening. I missed her by an hour. That was the last I had heard. All day today was spent worrying and crying all the while following any news I could find.

I am so happy to report that I got word that my family, my daughter-in-law and my grandchildren are ok. Lots of rain and wind but they are ok!! Praise God!!

I need to thank all those who prayed and continue to pray for all those affected by this storm!! I know it helped. Thanks also to all my dear friends who called and wrote to me giving support during the unknown. I can handle most anything but the not knowing kills me! It helped to have dear friends rally around me to show support. I am blessed!

So it has been a wild ride today for me and my family. I hope to never repeat it.