What now?


I’m frustrated. I have had this pressure in my shoulders and lungs for a week now. It feels like when you have surgery and gas gets in your shoulder. Except my lungs feel tight too. Any input appreciated. I just saw my rheumy last week before this started. I also have had bilirubin and white blood cells in my urine. It’s like I am falling apart. I guess I will see my gp on Monday if it keeps up. Sigh


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  1. Lynn Mack

    No matter which link I click on, I get a “page not found” message.  I get that feeling too.  It usually encompasses my chest, shoulders and also my ears and jaw.  I hate it!  I’ve been having a tough time for the past few months.  Usually my skin rash goes away when summer ends but It’s not going away.  I have a bulls-eye rash all over my torso and arms.  At least it doesn’t hurt like the pain that you are describing.  I just want pain pills when that happens.  My doctor doesn’t give me any pain pills but I’m tired of pain and want pain pills now.  I feel like my doctor thinks I just want to get high because he doesn’t give them to me.  

    Hope your pain goes away.  If you hear what it is, I’d love to know.

    Take care. Lynn M.

    • Thanks Lynn!
      Mine went away finally. Hope it stays away. I found if I need pain meds I go to the pain clinic. Unfortunately, it feels like a legal drug dealers place. I went for awhile but quit after three months. However if you need pain meds, I would get them. Just a thought. I am in no way a doctor so check it out with your doctor. Jen

  2. Brittany

    I get this too when I’m stressed or worn out. I’ve had EVERY test in the book and they always say it’s just muscles. I always use a heating pad on my chest and it really helps!

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