Doctor Who?


I admit it. I am a geek. I love the science fiction show called Doctor Who. It amazes me that I like it. It amazes my family too. I am not the sci fi type. That is why it is all the more interesting to me. I fell in love with the show on Netflix. I have watched all doctors at least once. I started way back at the beginning. It is a great show!

Today, in a worldwide simulcast to 76 countries, the special 50th anniversary of the show was shown. It was a BIG DEAL. I loved it! “The day of the doctor” was the title. If you are not a fan you will not understand. If you are a fellow “whovians” as we are called, then you get it.

I am working on getting my grandkids watching it as well. A show that is 50 years old deserves some acclaim. So, on this 50th anniversary, I declare my geeky whovianhood. It is only proper to share it than to hide it. So, my favorite line from the special is this:, “Real men are forged with fire, but it is the privilege of a lesser man to light the flame.” Profound words indeed.

So whovians, enjoy the special and now we await the Christmas special where we will see Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi. It is always strange at first with a new doctor, but funny how we go headlong into the stories and end up forgetting this us s new guy. We grow and accept the new guy and his ways. Such is life for a whovian.