Odds and Ends


Today is a pain day. I have muscle spasms in my back that you can feel. It hurts to sit, stand or lay. This sucks.

I need to go to the post office today to mail cards to my family in the Philippines. My grandchildren wrote letters and cards to their cousins and I am mailing them today. I have to go to the post office because it requires special postage. I hope she enjoys them!!

I also need to get a few other things while I am out and about. Like some groceries. Oh joy. Not. People tend to be rude this time of year. I want to get in and out quickly.

I am hooked on this cheese they sell at Krogers. It sounds gross but is delicious. It’s called “cranberry cinnamon goat cheese”. Yummmmm!! I tasted it at a wine tasting and the stuff is like crack!! I’m hooked for sure! They tried to get me to try the blueberry goat cheese last time but I said no. One guilty pleasure at a time!!

My latest urine test showed bilirubin in my urine. Has anyone ever had that? This is a first for me. I looked it up and it says online that it is liver function related. Great. Yet another organ affected. I also had both red and white blood cells in it as well. So, did another test and hope to hear back today how that went. It’s always something!!

Hope you all have a great day surrounded by loving people!!


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