i Want To Scream!!!!!


i must first apologize for being MIA for 19 days. it has been a whirlwind. Lots of things going on.  


First, i would describe those 19 days as hard and sad.  You see, my lovely kitty, Shelby, passed away a week ago following a brave fight with cancer.  She took her last breath in my arms. I had been doing all i could to make her comfortable  I got her favorite foods, her princess blanket, and held her close, the way shee liked, trying to ease her transition. 

I know there are those who would say she was just a cat.  However the truth is she was part of my life for over 12 years. We had an easy daily pattern we followed. She is who I talked to a lot. She would appear to listen.  She also had an intuitive nature. When i was hurting, she would come lay in my lap. If i were in bed, she would curl up by my head, or massage my back then lay on it. She let me discuss all the issues i had. She was not a talker but she could tell you what she wanted without meows. I can honestly say she was the best cat i have ever had, and i have had many in my life. 


So, i was caught up in this care for my kitty for about two weeks. Add the week since she passed and you can see i was busy. Sorry about that.  I have a few diary entries I will be adding too. All passive aggressive bullying from my husband.  Not been good for me around here either. I will save that for tomorrow. 


Hope you are pain free and enjoying life. 


4 thoughts on “i Want To Scream!!!!!

  1. Lynn

    I feel your pain. It feels like they take a piece of your heart when they cross over. I hope you you can start thinking about Shelby without the ache in your heart as soon as is possible. Try to take comfort in the fact that you gave her a life full of joy, love and security. All of us who have lost our dear furry family members know exactly what you are going through. I firmly believe that when our time comes, our “fur kids” will be on the other side, welcoming us back.

    I always have to get another pet fairly soon after saying goodbye to one. They don’t replace the one I lost. They put a bandage on the hole in my heart.

    Take care, Jenlynn.

  2. nancy

    i am sorry the lost of your cat. i have a wondeful dog who is up there in age and she keeps me going also .they are not just pets there like your child just like mean i consider her my 4 legged daughter .my husband would always say that my wife baby you can’t mess with her .i lost my husband a year ago she has been by my side the bad days and good ones she would lay next me when the pain is unbearable .she keeps me company when my son is out so don’t be sorry for any thing .have pain free night

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