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I have a question. I am losing my hair. I am. I told hubs and his answer was not to brush my hair anymore and not wash it. He even removed the brushes, until I found them. I have thick hair. Usually. However it is now noticeably thin. Scalp can be seen almost, I mean, I notice it more because I am not used to seeing it this thin. On to my question.

Have any of you lost your hair at some point in your lupus journey? If you did, did it grow back? I know we are each different but I haven’t been brave enough to research it lately because it is a hairy subject for me (pun intended).

On a related note, if my hair is falling out why isn’t my mustache, or eyebrows? I mean, fair is fair. Please share if you have had this happen. In over 20 plus years of having lupus, I have had thinning hair before but never widespread loss like this. Thanks!!


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  1. Before I got diagnose last year, I lost a Lot of hair, came out in handfuls, I have several bald spots on top of my head. My hair use to so thick, now is very thin and brittle. Seems like since I have been on plaquenil it’s not as bad, I don’t pull my hair up into a ponytail or on top of my head any more, because it is so noticeable, at least when I go out.

  2. nancy

    i been losing my hair for awhile now it more noticeable now ,every time i wash my hair a handful falls out .my hair is thick and dry .i can’t do anything with it .the person who cut did a bad job i was using one place and i moved and the drive and traffic is not worth the went to this place close to where i live .i can’t do anything with it.

  3. I’ve lost my hair several times because of the lupus. The first few times it grew back great, the last major time though it didn’t. My hair is extremely thin and has been now for at least 4 years. I use wigs and hair pieces and I’m attempting Rogaine and Wen shampoo system now. It seems to be helping a little but I still see bald spots. It’s hard to deal with but hopefully it will grow back. Like I said the first few times mine did, it was just the 2008-2009 hair loss that didn’t.

    • I have thought if mine gets much worse I might shave it. It’s shoulder length now, well what I still have, but its dry and brittle. I have scarves to wear but it’s really hard to deal with for me because if I brush it it fills the brush up and if I don’t I look like a frail mini Afro that has no rhyme or reason, like a mini Don King. It’s lifeless. I will be getting a wig this week. I’m at the stage where if much more leaves me I will shave it just so it hopefully will grow back at the same time. I don’t know. I’m only washing it once a week now. I have this product I’ve used for years called “chi” and even that doesn’t help the remaining hair to look good. I have lost up to 50% before but with my thick hair it wasn’t really noticeable, except to me and my hairdresser. This time I am at about 70% and still going. Thank you for sharing. It truly does help knowing others have been through this too!!

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