Hello Hercules


Hello winter storm Hercules. Welcome to my part of the world. I knew this storm was coming but had to wait until I got paid today to go to the grocery. I thought, according to weather forecasters, that it would not begin snowing until after nine this morning. WRONG! I woke up to four inches on the ground, with the streets a mess. Our street is usually one of the first plowed because it is a hill. You could not tell it had had any treatment when I got up. It stayed that way all day even though it got plowed and treated with brine and salt. Needless to say, that meant that  would have to wait. I waited all day long for the snow to stop so I could venture out.

Guess what? It has not stopped all day long. I think we have about seven inches or so out there. I talked to my mom today and she asked if I had been hurting for the past day or so. I told her I had. I didn’t even realize we were getting anything until the weather thing on my phone went off. It is getting to be that the family ask me because I am now a better forecaster than the tv folks.

I did get to venture out this evening. I got a few things and came home. I checked out the after Christmas sales and got a ton of candles for pennies and got a drawer full of oven mitts for a quarter each. Yeah, they look like fall but hey, I am sure my food doesn’t care what y its look like. Plus if they get ruined I won’t be crying over them. I spent around ten dollars for 17 candles of cvarious sizes, and two dish towels and six oven mitts. Not a bad haul.

I am back home now, all warm and toasty, and in my fresh pj’s. I am thinking it will be an early night tonight. I get sapped much more in winter when I go out. I hope Hercules isn’t dumping on you all! I think a hot cup of coffee with whoppers malted milk balls is on the menu here.