Weather Forecasters


I would like to preface this post by saying I think we need to overhaul the meteorology in this country. For example, last week we were told that we were getting snow here in the ohio valley  How much? Oh, no more than a few inches up to four inches. What did we get? More like eight inches! Who comes up with these forecasts?

Fast forward to today. Yesterday we were issued another winter storm warning with predictions of amounts from four up to twelve inches. Stores were packed with people getting supplies and an overall feeling of dread was present. As the day progressed, however, forecasters started slowly lowering snowfall totals. As of this morning, our winter storm warning has been cancelled and we only have an advisory with forecasts of one to three inches of snow. Seriously???

If I did such a horrible job at forecasting at any other job, I would be fired. How do they get away with inciting panic and then shrug their shoulders and say “woops”? I think its time to refine and shake out all the “forecasters”, and I use that term lightly, and hold them accountable. It’s just me though, so nothing will change