Finally got my accessories!


Well I am finally able to type at will again. When I ordered my new tablet, I did not realize just how hard it is to type on the screen. Up until I got the tablet, I had been using my iphone to type, of course that is a one fingered job being so small. I envisioned being able to use my hands more like normal typing. I was wrong. 

It is no easy feat trying to type on the screen of a tablet. I tried. It was not working for me so I decided to investigate the accessories I could get, for example, a keyboard. My tablet is a newer one and getting a keyboard that is bluetooth looked to be difficult. I could not find a “clone” type so I was left to order from the manufacturer. No big deal. Wrong. You see, to get the keyboard AND a case, it was going to cost me around $135. I went to walmart and checked out what they had and tried one out only to find that my 8 inch tablet did not fit any of the ones they had. I resigned myself to having to wait and moved on for a bit.

Now every so often I would look online to see if anyone had developed a keyboard just in case.. Finally, a few weeks ago, I found one that was a “clone: or generic one made exclusively for my tablet. Yippee! It was under $40 for the keyboard and a carrying case combo. I ordered it. It arrived a fee days ago and I absolutely love it!!

I now have a laptop, or at least that capability, as needed. My dell tablet is now a bonafide mini laptop and I am able to finally use the tablet in a more productive manner than before. I am so happy to find a solution that did not cost me an arm and a leg. I am able to type normally again. I was a secretary in my working/life so the ability to use a real keyboard is freeing me up to type quickly again. I am so happy! 

Now I can share daily again. I hope to do just that. I have so much to share and have been waiting until I could. That time is now! Thanks for hanging in there with me while Ihave been down. The times are getting better now.