Simple Things


A lot of people overlook the simple things, the small things, each day. They are focused on getting that new house, getting that pay raise, looking far down the road. That’s not bad to do but in the hustle and bustle of working towards those goals, they overlook the simple blessings all around them. My disease has forced me to slow down, way down. It was a struggle at first to figure out how to get through each day. However, by this mandated slowing down, I found all those simple things, those everyday blessings that I had overlooked before. It’s amazing how you can see Gods hand in every little thing when you pay attention to the little things, the simple things. My disease may not be pretty but it has opened my eyes to all sorts of beauty each day in my life. For that, I’m grateful, because it has shown me all the things that really matter. Friendship, love, family, faith and life are just a few of these things. I ask you to slow down a bit and look around at all your blessings. You will be amazed! Trust me, I know and try to daily find things to be thankful for, to keep my focus on these simple things that truly are the BIG things! Have a great day!