Why Are People So Insensitive?


Hi everyone…sorry I have been gone for a bit but life has been extremely full lately. I apologize for the absence and wish to say hello to all the new folks out there in lupus land who have joined our little blog. That being said, on to the topic of the day.

Why are people so insensitive?

Just two days ago I had a new thing crop up in my journey with lupus and life in general. I have developed high blood pressure and my doctor decided I need medication to control it. No biggie, right? Wrong. You see, despite having a strong genetic back ground of heart disease, and actually having electrical issues resulting in a coronary ablation, I have always had good and low heart rate and blood pressure. It was the one thing I could hold on to and say that at least I was good on my heart. Until now, that is.

I know many people have issues with this. I get that. As a matter of fact, I only told a few people that this happened to come to light. My so-called trusted circle. The response?

“What DON’T you have?”

Have you ever heard this? I have from several people in my life. I know people say things not meaning to hurt you. I get that people do not understand the complexities of our disease(s). They do not understand how sometimes we develop overlapping diseases along with lupus. I get that. However, I find this is one of the things that hurts me the most. People ask you about your issues specifically and when you are honest, they ask you something like the above comment. It hurts.

I have decided to really stop educating others about this disease anymore with the exception of this blog. My friends and family will not hear any more about what is happening in my healthcare life. They ask, but they really do not want to know. Most of my family seem to think I am just lazy and want attention. Well, so be it. My resolution is to live my life, do what I have to do to stay living, and pretend all is well when I am asked how I am doing.

Yes, I know, I seem a bit sensitive. It is just that people say these things and they seriously hurt me. I am astonished at the audacity in the manner in which it is said even. Like I picked out a new thing to have wrong with me. Ok, well, I feel a bit better getting it off my chest. Have any of you dealt with people who are insensitive and even cruel in their comments to you?


2 thoughts on “Why Are People So Insensitive?

  1. Diane Lynch

    I agree. If you really don’t want to know don’t ask. I hear this all the time. Yes it does hurt. I do the same thing. I tell the folks I trust and that’s a very small group. Hang in there Jenny. I feel your pain.

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  2. Joyce Hague

    Hi I hear you I was diagnosed with lupus September 1994 I do understand where your coming from 5years later I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis it is secondary to lupus you are most welcome to e mail me chin up have a good xmass and a top new year cheers Joyce☺️

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