Remission Answer


I last posted that I might be in remission, or at least working on one. I was hopeful, because I was finally getting things done with little pain. I walked two days in a row, half a mile each day. I was busy starting my seeds for my garden. I was making plans for doing things this summer with all my energy and feeling so good. yeah, I was so happy and getting excited about possible remission. Plans to live and enjoy these pain lowered days. Of course, lupus is unpredictable.

The answer to remission is that no, I had a brief glimpse of feeling “normal” and now I am back to painful living with lupus. I think the cold front that came through didn’t help any either. Ouch! My joints are screaming in pain right now. It is hard to walk. It is that all over pain and fatigue with it. For the uninitiated, it is like having the flu but worse because my joints and painful to the touch and it is hard to move.

I at least got most of the spring cleaning done and can relax a bit about that. I got several things done. It feels good. I wish my body would cooperate with me but lupus doesn’t play fair. Oh well, I am alive and kicking at least. Have any of you had this situation happen to you? I hope you are all pain free and living life to its fullest!