Hello once again! I hope this post finds you in good health! I know I am up and down. I called this post Winter? Because here in Eastern Kentucky we have had two or three light dustings of snow and that is it! How weird is that? It has not been cold either! I keep expecting a blizzard because it has been too mild. Now, on to life…

First, big news. I mean really BIG news! I got my eye surgery finally! I went to UK eye clinic and finally I can see!!! I was legally blind in my right eye and had no idea my “good,” left eye was not so good either. So they got my right eye going again and it sure has been great to see again. My cataract developed quickly because of Prednisone. That is what my opthalmologist told me. My left eye also has a cataract, but not the kind that was in my right eye. Thank goodness! I may have it removed soon since it was not a bad experience. I follow up with a retinal specialist soon as well. Since I have been on plaquenil for so long, like 20 years off and on, I have to see the retina specialist to insure that my retinas are not damaged from the long term usage. Who knew?

Next on my plate are my knees. One at a time. I am struggling most days with walking. I bump into walls, fall down and feel very unsteady. My knees, both of them, are prone to giving out at the most inopportune times! However, thank goodness, they only give out one at a time. I am always finding new bruises. This is why the knees are next in line. One issue at a time right now.

As for husband and his alcoholism, he is sober and attending AA every evening. He has a sponsor too, which is a big change this time around. I am hopeful, but also realist, that he can maintain this sobriety. So far so good. One day at a time!

Life is always moving ahead. My oldest grandchild graduated from high school last year and came down and stayed with us for a month. It was a hoot! We had so much fun and we spoiled her pretty good too. She slept in and had her own TV in her room. She loved it! She has three younger sisters, ages 16, 14, and 12 plus a new baby brother who is nine months old. Time alone, in a room of her own, was the thing she needed for a bit. It was great having her here and we looked into the nearby Berea College for the classes she is interested in. She is quite an artist and in different mediums too! I know, I brag but hey, I am granny! That’s my job!

Finally, I am working on my craft area and trying to get it organized. It is not easy. I hope I can get it situated so I can get back to crafting. It helps me relax and I need to relax! Do you craft? What do you do?

That’s it for me for now. Take it easy and stay well! Gentle hugs!!!