Cooler Temperatures


Seasons are changing here in the bluegrass state and I am feeling the effects. I love autumn and the beauty of this area as the trees begin changing colors and the birds are flying south for the winter.

I am in the process of clearing the plants from my garden and preparing the soil for next year. My compost heap is doing really well and I have some really good dirt for next years garden. I planted carrots and spinach in my fall garden and they are doing nicely.

The nights are cooler and the hot tub feels good. I love sitting in it watching the stars in the night sky. I tell you, the hot tub is a blessing to me. It truly helps my generalized overall pain this time of year brings. I have found that my body feels the change of seasons, from winter to spring and from summer to fall, the most. Do any of you feel these changes as well?

I love this season though. There are so many ways to see our Creators hand in the beauty surrounding us. I feel blessed to live where I do. We get people who come here for the fall colors because they are so beautiful. The Red River Gorge area gets a lot of folks coming this time of year. Many people like Natural Bridge too. The natural unique beauty of this area is amazing, but I guess that is why I like it so much.

So, enjoy your beauty around you during this season changing time.  Take time to appreciate all things in nature. It truly does help to reflect a more positive feeling and keep our pain from overwhelming us. Hope this finds you all as pain free as possible!