Lupus, lupus, go away…


Have you ever wished that lupus would just go away? I do, most days. I wish there was a cure. I wish for no more pain. I wish for no one else to struggle on those bad days to get to a good day. Most of all, I wish it would go away forever!

Lupus is such a complicated disease that it is hard to describe its effects on a person. While one patient may experience kidney issues, another may have issues with their joints and another with their eyes and so on. It is hard to pinpoint the nature of the beast because it is different in each patient.

The general take from the medical community is that they treat what crops up. Wait and see. They feel that it is the only way to treat it since each patient is different. For example, if you see your doctor with joint pain he will treat you for the joint pain. Nothing more. However, if he were to check your blood work, he might find more important things to address than your joint pain. It is like a catch 22. So, what to do?

I do not have the answer. I just wish that we could find this cure that will help us all.