*soapbox alert* *angry rant alert*

Seriously. No really. I applied for “extra help” from social security. Oddly enough, I got it! The gross income amount was recently raised so I actually qualified! Woot! Woot! So, the meds I no longer take will be affordable for me. I also was under the impression that they would pay some of my premium as well. I found out that I was mistaken.

You see, I called social security today to ask why I didn’t get the help for my premiums. My check this month was the same as every month. To be fair, I truly did NOT think things would go smoothly so I figured I would call to see what was up. If you have ever had to call social security, you understand that it can be a long process of waiting for the next available person. This time I was pleasantly surprised it only took ten minutes on hold! The nice person explained that yes, I was getting the assistance for my meds but the premium was another application with my state cabinet of something something. I was given the number. Social security also said I am qualified for premium help because it is the same income parameters as they have. Ah, now on to the next hurdle.

I called my state agency, where the phone tree routed me to a holding pattern that lasted 35 minutes. While the phone was on speaker I was on working on the family tree so it was OK. Anyway, the stressed sounding person who answered asked me about gross income for myself and husband. Once she had that information, she told me we made too much by about $100. I asked if they deducted expenses like rent, utilities, etc. and she said only if we were in the gross income range they have. She then said they could not help us and exited pretty quick.

OK, here are the facts…we are honest folks who worked and both became disabled through no fault of our own and had to stop working. We barely are over the limit income wise. However, if we separated we would BOTH get every kind of help available including food stamps and other assistance. Because our combined income is barely over the state’s limit, and we won’t lie, we cannot get much needed help.

Once again, seriously, we have to just deal with it. It upsets me because we are not riding the system, we both worked for what we get! I guess that’s why. First our premiums went nuts in January causing my check to be almost halved (thank you Mr. Obama), and once a small chink of light showed up, now it’s extinguished.

This world is crazier by the day. That’s my rant for today!