My Choice on Vaccines


My personal story as to why I do not vaccinate myself. I do not judge those who do, this is my choice based on my experiences and research into vaccines.

DISCLAIMER: You and your doctor can make the choice that is right for you. I am not a doctor. I am a lupus patient for over 25 years now, and what I state in this post is my opinion only. Do not do anything without discussing with your doctor.
*soapbox alert*
When my sweet baby boy got his routine dpt in 1983, he suffered a seizure afterwards. I was nursing him when he went into a seizure. Talk about scary! Funny thing is, our pediatrician, whom I frantically called, told me it was an adverse reaction known to be from the pertussis vaccine. I was told he should NEVER get another pertussis vaccine. He didn’t. However, this opened my eyes.

Add the fact that while I worked at a hospital, I was given a mandatory hepatitis B vaccine, the first of three injections, and got very, very sick. I was diagnosed with lupus. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

You know what? I had chicken pox, measles, mumps and I lived. I knew of NO ONE dying from them. In this day and society, those who are making INFORMED choices for themselves and their children, are being vilified. Pressured by doctors who want to meet their quota to get their reward money for flu shots, for example. Did you know your doctor gets rewards depending on the percentage of his patients that get the flu shot? It is true. My family doctor told me. Well meaning family and friends putting pressure on those of us who do not take vaccines. My rheumatologists, several different ones I might add, over the years encouraged me to NOT get flu shots as they are known to trigger lupus flares and can interact with the meds I used to be on.

Hmm, outbreaks of all these diseases are happening (mumps, for example) and who are the poor folks getting the diseases? The unvaccinated? Nope. It is the vaccinated. Who are spreading these diseases? You guessed it, the vaccinated. So, before you judge me for my informed choices, check out for yourselves the things in your vaccines, including mercury and aluminum and DNA and cells from aborted babies. Most folks do not know the chicken pox vaccine contains blood components even!

Open your eyes. Think. Research. It is a slippery slope when government controls your body and your children’s body. Make your choices based on the information that is easily found. Ultimately, it is YOUR choice, not the governments. Blindly trusting all will be OK because the government said it is…can lead to dire consequences. Don’t be a sheep…open your eyes, learn, and make your choice based on your research. Peace!
*stepping off my soapbox now*



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2 thoughts on “My Choice on Vaccines

  1. Mary Lawrence

    Wow,very informative reading. I am a Lupie was diagnosed 10 years ago probably had it earlier who knows? Since I have gotten the flu shot I have not had the flu (knock on wood). My greatest concern and scares the crap out of me is getting shingles. Get this, my Rhumy told me to get the Shingles vaccine (are we not suppose to get live vaccines)? My family doctor at the time refused to give me the vaccine because of the live vaccine she said I could get chicken pox from it. She was very surprised that my Rhumy said to get it. You know, you leave your life in the hands of your Rhumy and your other “army” of doctors because of this yucky disease and you hear different stories.

    • Hi Mary! I feel the same way. We trust in our doctors so much, yet wonder why they have differing ideas on things like vaccines. When I started my research, I looked into a lot of different things, subjects such as what exactly is in the vaccines, then looking at those ingredients and seeing how they can affect me. I encourage everyone to do their own research and to follow their own conscience. It ultimately is up to you.

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