New Lupus Problem?


I am not sure if this is a lupus thing or just a me thing. Have any of you ever had you face break out in teeny tiny little bumps? Kind of like the rash but finer? I have had the malar rash quite a few times so this is different to me, much finer and not so red. My whole face and I neck are broken out right now in these little bitty bumps. My skin feels like sandpaper too. Rough. I have tried coconut oil and believe it or not, it soaks in so fast but the rough skin is not any better. I am trying vaseline today. I have also used cortisone cream and it did nothing.

I am wondering if it is lupus related because it is similar to the malar rash but not red. It is raised though and noticable in the mirror if I turn my face to a certain angle. I can feel it with my fingers but unless you look good, it is hard to see otherwise.

So, anyone else had this? If so, please let me know what you used for it. I am going to try to research it too. Thanks!

** added note**

Ok, when I get a new thing like this, I always look it up. That can be good or bad. It is not good today. Crap, looking like it is definitely lupus related. Crap. I am thinking this whole bitter cold, snow and such is what triggered it. My body reacts to big temperature changes negatively. Well there we go. I guess I will keep the cortisone cream going too. If it gets worse, I will see the doctor but otherwise I am thinking just use the cream and see what happens.


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  1. Mary Lawrence

    YESSSSS! I am having this right now as a matter of fact. I use the triamcinolone acetonide cream from my Rhuemy. I have had this 3 times- the first time it looked like I had the pox and measles. Sometimes it clears up quickly, other times it takes forever- the first time was 3 weeks. I thought it had to do with my Sjogrens- but I was stessed last week over something and it started-kind of in a flair too. I wear Clinique makeup which has the ingredient that is used for acne- I do not have acne but it helps dry it up. Shoot cant think of the name-stupid brain fog. I’m always afraid this will lead to the pictures that we see or our Lupien comrades that the face of them is completely covered.
    Bless us all. lol

    • Mary, I think I figured it out…I started taking frankincense and I think it triggered the rash but it is almost gone now. Go figure…thank you for the makeup…I use clinique too. It has helped me as well. Hope you are feeling better!

      • Mary Lawrence

        The word I was looking for that day is I believe hydrochloric acid for drying. I use the acne solutions makeup. I wear it everyday in a shade darker my my natural color to cover spots when I do breakout.Another devestation, last night while I was taking off makeup and washing my face I noticed that a good part of my eyebrows just “came off” that were there yesterday. My eyelashes are starting to come out too. This is the another part of Lupus that is just crappy. I am on thyroid meds and my preventative is coming up in Feb but by then I probably wont have any. Hope you are well and thanks for listening.

        • Mary, I understand completely! My eyelashes are very sparse. My eyebrows have spots where hair is gone too! Thank goodness for eyeliners! Otherwise I would be patchy. I need to see about a shade darker too. I would have never thought of that! Thanks for the tip. My hair falls out so much that I am surprised I still have any but I had such thick hair that I am sure is the only reason I still have hair. Funny thing is, I still have to shave the old legs…why couldn’t I lose THAT hair?

          • Mary Lawrence

            Thank you for replying. Are you using the eyeliner in the eyebrow , along with upper lid and lower lid close to the lashes? And, obviously, the eyebrow eyeline close to the eyebrow shade?

            • I use an eyeliner pencil to fill in the bald areas and try to blend it so it looks natural. I don’t always succeed. I have thought about just shaving them off but then it would really be noticed. It is aggravating because I wish it would fall out on my legs but no….or on my upper lip… nope, eyelashes and eyebrows and head. Go figure!

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