Chemotherapy For Lupus?



A lot of people do not realize that lupus patients, at times, are put on chemotherapy medications in an attempt to stop disease progression. You see, in lupus, we have overactive immune responses and our body is attacking itself. Kind of like instead of fighting a normal infection type of thing, it attacks normal parts of our body thinking it is an invader. This leads to a lot of problems, especially if it involves an organ.

Chemotherapy is used to drop the immune response down and help slow down the lupus activity. Do not be confused, lupus is not a cancer. However, chemotherapy medications, whether in pill or IV form, are used to lower the immune response and hopefully, slow the disease down. It is usually used in patients who have kidney involvement and/or central nervous system involvement.


Chemotherapy is not pretty. I have been on it a few times myself. I had side effects like nausea, fatigue and some mild hair loss. It did help though, in the long run. While it is a scary thing to undergo, if it helps it is worth it. I have not had chemotherapy for over ten years now. Since beginning this natural approach, would I consider using chemotherapy again if needed? Yes. It is something that can save a life. Would I want to use it again? No. However, I am open to it if needed.

Have any of you been on chemo for your lupus?