Horehound Candy Recipe



Horehound Candy recipe

Horehound has been used for centuries as a cough reliever. It has a bitter taste that you either like or not. No matter. It has been proven to work. In the interest of getting folks to use it, many made this horehound candy to make the medicine go down a little easier. The candy is basically a cough drop. Calling it candy does improve the perception of its taste though.

I recently was sick and made myself a batch of cough syrup from horehound. I grow horehound in my garden and dehydrate it for use later. I love the candy, but this syrup was rough to ingest. I believe from here on out, I will have the candy on hand instead.

The recipe is not hard so I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

From Mother Earth News

Boil two ounces of dried horehound in 1-1/2 pints of water for a half hour. Then strain and add 3-1/2 pounds of brown sugar. Boil to the hard ball stage (270 degrees fahrenheit) and pour onto a well greased cookie sheet. When candy is cool enough to hold its shape, mark it into squares. Once cooled, break the squares apart and roll in super fine sugar. Enjoy!

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