Just Today…



Today, I took it easy. I have been going nonstop for a few weeks now and it caught up with me. I must be truthful that this reminded me of how I used to feel before I changed my routine.

So, for today, I rested. I rested by watering my garden, harvesting garlic, harvesting beets and peas, and canned beets and beet greens. There are some who would see this as not resting, but for me, being in my garden is resting. It gives me solace, comfort and makes me feel like I can control a few things in life. It amazes me to see the food growing each day and to be able to watch the glory of a garden in full regalia is wonderful. You see, I see not my handiwork, but God’s. I plant it, but it is God who makes it grow.

Today, I relaxed and enjoyed sitting on the porch, shelling peas. I watched as later this afternoon a storm moved in. We needed the rain. I am thankful for neighbors driving by and waving. It has been a good day.

Tomorrow, lots to do, but today, I rested. It felt wonderful! I hope you take the time to stop and relax and enjoy something for yourself. It is life affirming and can go a long way to getting through more things later. Enjoy!



Road Trip!



This weekend I am on a solo road trip. I am heading north to Ohio! I cannot wait! I get to see my new great grandbaby for the first time and attend my granddaughter’s high school graduation. I get to see my kids, grandkids and great grandbaby in one whole day. I can only stay for one day so I am leaving after the graduation. I am so excited to see everyone. Are you all planning any road trips this weekend?

Sun Sensitivity



Do you react when you have been in the sun? Do you flare whenever you get sun? Do you itch and get a rash when in the sun? Or, are you like a tiny number of folks who have no reaction at all?

With lupus, it is important to know your risks when you are int he sun. Just wearing sunscreen may not be enough. You might need sunscreen, a hat, long sleeves, and pants during outdoor activities. Why?

Many lupus patients need to be aware that unprotected sun can cause a major flare to start. Yes, being in the sun can cause a flare, sometimes not a bad one but someetimes it can be a bad one.  I have a step sister who is albino. I see what all she has to do to be in the sun, and so I used her medically approved things to do mine. I do not have to be as vigilant as she does, but for a lupus patient, it is vital we do something!!

I know for myself, it is hit and miss. Some days I can be in the sun and have nothing happen. Other days I am in the sun briefly and I get rashes, itching and feeling a flare coming. My body will ache, I run low grade fevers, and I feel like a bad flu is hitting me. It is a crap shoot which it will be but I have learned over the years to try to err ont he side of caution because who wants to feel bad in the summer, right?

I garden, so I try to get in the garden early in the morning or late in the evening. I wear these big floppy hats and sunscreen. I sit while I garden. It is finding my coping technique that gave me my summer back. By following a few simple rules, I can have fun and enjoy the warm weather and my garden.

Do you have things you have to do to enjoy summer weather? Please share! We are all in this together and can learn from others. I hope you are enjoying the day of life you are having.


It was not Diverticulitis at all


Ok, I thought this second round of diverticulitis was different. I was right. It seems I passed a kidney stone. Well, it is down in my bladder but has not passed out yet. Not to be gross, but when I go to the restroom, I only go a little then it stops, even though I need to go. Sometimes I go normally, others barely at all. I certainly hope it passes soon. However, I am glad I figured it out. I thought it was strange that the pain was different and that it was in a different, although similar, location. If it does not pass soon, I don’t know what can be done.  Here’s to hoping it passes soon!




I finally got the new flower beds in my front porch area done. I had to create them and plant them. I decided on zinnias, since they are good for pollinators, and have a nice scent. On the side of my front porch I am planting lavender. My porch should smell wonderful this summer. I am also planting herbs in planters and placing them all around the porch too. This ear we are putting the hot tub in the back so I have the whole porch to decorate and I plan on green and flowers to do it. I love finally getting started. I cannot believe that just last night we had another frost. It is almost May for goodness sake. Anyway, got one thing crossed off the list so tomorrow time to get busy with another project, the garden being tilled. One step at a time. What are you planting? Share!





Friends are the family we pick for ourselves. I truly believe that. My family is fairly large, yet on the surface, it is a superficial type of friendship that I have with them. Yes, we share a history, but truthfully, I am not close with them at all. The exception to that is my children. My sisters and I have lived our lives on our own, mostly, and our family groups have left the bigger group to form smaller circles of immediate family only. Shoot, one of my sisters has isolated herself almost completely.

My family put the fun in dysfunctional. It really is sad that I do not have relationships with my sisters but I do have many tight, sincere relationships with those I call sister. I have a beautiful bouquet of friends that are my family. They are my confidants, my loyal and trusted pals who share with me as I do with them. They do not judge. They have the option of leaving yet they stay and support. The support goes both ways.

There is a song called ,”You find out who your friends are” and it is true. I am fortunate enough to know who my friends are. As many of us with autoimmune diseases know, once we got sick we saw many “friends” leave, unable to process the changes in our lives. It happens.

I feel like it enhances our lives even if it is painful to find out who are the superficial friends especially if you were a true friend to them when they needed you. The folks who walk out of our lives in our time of need do us a favor. They show us who the true friends are and by doing that, they have given us a gift.

True friends are blessings. I have several and I totally know they are there for me as I am for them. I do not take them for granted. I love them, they are the family I chose to surround myself with. They are the ones who I know will be there if I need them. I am so thankful to have them in my life. I hope you have those who are in your life as well.

Losing So Many Warriors



In the past few months, I have been receiving more notices about lupus warriors who are losing the battle. I am not sure if it is because a lot of us are aging with lupus, but it seems like the ones we are losing are in the prime of their lives. Beautiful people who look amazingly healthy, yet lupus has raged a war inside of them to the point of their passing away.

It is sad that so many people do not realize that it only takes one thing to knock us out. It can be something as inconsequential as a cold that develops into pneumonia and all of a sudden we are fighting for our lives. Sure, we look ok on the outside but it is inside where the battle rages on.

In honor of those who have passed, I just want to say that they were important to us all and their lives were meaningful to those around them. I may not know them personally, however I understand their struggles. I am sad for their families, having to live on without their wife, husband, father, mother, sister, brother or friend.

Please, if you pray, ask for God to sustain the families in this dark time. Pray for those suffering from this dreaded disease.  Most of all, we need a cure. While their journey is over, we need to fight on. Keep your chin up, lead on and educate others. The more knowledge you have, the better prepared you are for the fight. I hope you are winning the battle today!