My Spiritual Food


Our heavenly Father gives me ample spiritual food to meditate on and share with others. I am trying to stay focused on the good things, leaving the bad for God to take care of. In this regard, I have found some scriptures to help me.

The first scripture is in my lesson for tomorrow (or today since it is after midnight). It is Psalms 119:76; and it says, “May your loving kindness serve, please, to comfort me.” Wow! It is a powerful thing to say of the Almighty.

Another one from my lesson is this one at Psalms 103:3, 11 that says (3):, “(Jehovah) is forgiving all your error, (he) is healing your maladies.” and then at verse 11 it says, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, his loving kindness is superior toward those fearing him.”

Think about those verses for a few minutes. Isn’t it amazing that our Creator, the Most High, can show us loving kindness? In the lesson it continues by stating, “Meditating on these and other scriptural accounts fills our hearts with gratitude for Jehovah’s loving kindness and we are moved to praise and thank him. The more grateful we are at heart, the more inclined we are to become imitators of the true God. (Ephesians 5:1)”

It fills my heart to think that me, a lowly human sinner, can approach God freely and by forgiven for my errors and I can feel His loving kindness (which the Bible says is superior) surround me. It is humbling indeed.

I love this lesson and I am glad to share it because it truly does help knowing that our loving Father can help us when we are down, physically or mentally or both, and He can lift us up by means of His loving kindness and Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for my relationship with my heavenly Father. May each of you find the peace of God as well and become shining examples of how God is alive in your life.