Spring May Have Finally Sprung?


Well my friends, I think we might actually have lift off for spring! A few times it looked this way only tone buried under snow again. Thankfully, I think the true spring has taken hold so off we go! I love this time of year despite my body’s trials. This time of year brings a sense of renewal to body and soul. The thoughts of beautiful things, such as flowers and babies fills my mind.

I have been in pain, yes, but somehow the beautiful weather dulls it a bit. Psychological, yes, most likely, but it feels great to be alive in spring!

I am planning my garden and getting excited to be growing heirloom plants that are more nutritional than the GMO substitutes available at most stores. I am happy to start my flowers too. I am also planning an herbal garden so I can use fresh herbs in foods. Yes, I love spring!!

Our lupus walk is approaching as well. Still have no team members and I am the only donater so far but I refuse to let it worry me. I have made it to this side of winter and today, nothing will slow me down!! Things will improve, I am sure!

I have also been working on organizing the house. I need to get things in order so that I can relax and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer that is quickly approaching! Funny thing, I never enjoyed spring cleaning before but after this particularly hard winter I find myself enjoying it!!

So off I go to face my day! I hope each of you will slow down and appreciate all Gods Works during this season of warm renewal of life!! I will be!!


My precious Peanut


My little five year old granddaughter Audrey, and her baby sister, Courtney, went camping overnight with us this past weekend. It was Courtney’s first overnight away from her parents and she did wonderfully! She played and got dirty, and played some more and got dirtier and had a blast! We ate nutritious meals of hot dogs and potato chips and drank soda and never had one glass of milk the whole time! A true fun filled weekend with grandparents!

I have a funny story to relate, that most of you can relate to as well. In the car coming home yesterday, my hubs was riding his motorvyvle in front of us and we were in the car. When we reached Franklin, Audrey said, “Papaw is sooo handsome” and I said, “Yes, he is, I think so too.” She then said, “Meemaw, if he wasn’t married to you already, I would marry him!” How sweet is that! I know I always wanted to marry my papaw so it struck a chord in me when she said it.

We both stopped at speedway, hubs to get his energy drink, and he was going to get me a frozen coke (a treat on these hot days). He came out and had his drinks and nothing for me! I said out loud that I was angry at papaw for not getting me my drink, when out of the back seat I hear a voice tell me ” Meemaw, don’t yell at Papaw, because he gave you a flower and he told you that you are pretty.” How the voice of reason ccan come from sucha small person is amazing, isn’t it?

You see, about a month ago, my hubs gave me a rose in front of Audrey and at the time she said “Aw, Meemaw and Papaw you are in love aren’t you?” It became clear how much actions can speak to the hearts of even one as young as five. It reminds me of another time when another granddaughter, Brianna, drew a picture of my hubs and me and had a heart drawn over our heads. I asked what that was for and she said it was because we were in love.

So, for all of you out there thinking do as I say not as I do, rethink that one. It is far more powerful for your children (or grandchildren) to see your actions than your words at certain times. In our case, our grandchildren know that our door is always open to them, they will always be loved and feel secure in these uncertain times of today. We may move our home, but the love follows and permeates wherever we live. We are there if they need us and we try to give them spiritual  guidance without overstepping their parents. That is what we have been trying to teach them and I think it is getting through. Now, if only we could teach them…well, that is for another time…