Other Things In Life


This post is about some of the things that make me happy, in spite of lupus and its attempts. What things do you enjoy doing to bring you happiness? I have several things I totally enjoy doing to fill my days.

First, my husband and I are working on developing a homestead. What is a homesteader? Here is a a little meme describing it:


Ok, I admit it that we do not have chickens, although I would like to have some. However, I could not eat them. Yep, I am a phony when it comes to eating animals I have met. My chickens would live long lives and die in peace of old age. I still would like to have some though so I could have fresh eggs.

As for the other things on the meme, I do make my own breads and biscuits, I sew and quilt, I enjoy crafts like woodworking and scrap booking, love to take pictures, I plan on next year growing a bunch of our own non GMO heirloom foods which I will can, dehydrate or freeze to preserve for winter.

My husband and I have left the city and its problems, and now live in a small mountain town in Kentucky. We know all our neighbors. We all watch out for each other. We are learning more skills daily. We are eating less processed foods and more home grown foods. We fix things as they break, if possible. We re-purpose items and give them new life. We sit around our campfire on cool nights relaxing and looking at the stars.

I crochet. I paint as does my husband. We went out walnut gathering and found around 150 pounds of them. We kept 20 pounds of the black walnuts for ourselves and I cannot wait to use them in foods.

My brother in law and sister in law have a white walnut (or butternut) tree and they let me get all the nuts from it too. I have over 50 pounds of those. Free food from God and the trees. Yum!

As I posted before, I have come off most of my meds and seem to have energy and feel better now. My lab results came back and only two items were worrisome, my sed rate was 2 1/2 times higher than normal and my cholesterol was just a couple over the limit. As a lupus patient, I would be more worried if my sed rate was normal… I truly would. I do not think mine has been normal for years. It indicates inflammation in my body. Ok, whats new?

We are simplifying our lives more too. Throwing out or giving away a lot of things. We took our granddaughter pots and pans, dishes, and assorted other items on or last trip to Ohio. She just moved into her own apartment. I am getting other things together for the others as they move out.

My biggest news I have saved for the end here………….


Yes, my granddaughter is having a baby.  She is 18, not married, and still in high school (senior year) but I am looking at the positives. She is healthy, happy and responsible. She will be a great mother. Plus, more granny nanny duty for me! I really cannot say a thing because I had my first child when I was a junior in high school and my second when I was a senior in high school. I graduated two weeks after he was born. Yes, I marched with my class. I was married. I hoped none would repeat it and instead live life a bit before settling down with kids. However, in this case, it is not going to happen so I will be here for her if she needs me and pray for the best. It is hard when you have your kids young, in many ways. However, she will be fine. She is a sweetie. My first great grandchild!

That’s all for now but I just wanted to share our progress in our quest to live simpler, self sufficiently, and purposeful lives. I will update as we do more. Have a great day everyone!

Anniversary of Devastation


This is the one year anniversary of a devastating tornado that virtually destroyed my family’s hometown of West Liberty, Kentucky. I was not born there, but visited it most of my childhood with my grandparents on weekends when they took me “down home”. It is the “home” of my heart. Some family still live there. When I think of home, I think of this town.

Here are my thoughts on the anniversary of this terrible tragedy:

I still haven’t been to West Liberty since the tornado hit one year ago. I tear up just thinking about everything being changed. I have so many happy memories of it from my childhood and adulthood and in my mind it will stay the same. However, the reality will hurt once I see all the changes. So many affected. So much loss.

I know though, that this town is made of things much stronger than bricks and wood. Its heart is strong and its people stronger. The changes will hurt, yes, but the spirit of the town, it’s people, will remain strong and vital. That’s just how West Liberty is. It’s what I love most about this town that I call “home”.

It’s people will rebuild with that pioneer spirit that it was originally built with. It will be new, but it won’t. The people have not changed, just the buildings. I am proud to call West Liberty my “down home” !!!

Starting Over at 52


Life can take strange twists and turns when we least expect it. You can be plugging along thinking all is well and then something happens that not only opens your eyes to the truth, but also moves you to change course. This is my new reality. I am living with my mother in her guest room because I had to leave my home situation. I have my kitty cat here with me and am trying to find a place to live. Unfortunately, that is going to be an issue. I cannot work anymore and I have a very limited budget since I live on ssdi. Basically I will probably end up in an area that is dangerous because I cannot afford much more. I like to eat and get my meds so I have to work this out so I can do that.

I never expected to be living with my mom at 52. I thought I would be getting ready to retire (before I had to quit working). I have rolled with the punches that life has thrown at me and always look for the positives. There is a sadness this time. You see, I love my husband. I did not want to leave. It was hard to do. However, on reflection, I have had issues all around me that I chose not to see. You know, living with your head in the sand. Well, my eyes have opened wide and I see everything with a clarity that was missing prior. So, now what can I do? Stay tuned… I do not know but I am sure it will be changes I did not anticipate. Hopefully I can grow into a better person who has a frugal yet rewarding life left to me from this point forward. We will see…

New Category Added to my Blog


Hi everyone! Here it is, 5:30 in the morning and I have been up all night. I have been battling this flu thing and thought I was turning the corner only to discover that the joke was on me. Ah well, I will get better so I am making use of the insomnia to add a new category to this blog that is about something I love to do!

I have added the category called “Coupons and Savings Log”. It is just what it says, meaning that I will be posting my shopping excursions and show the savings I have received with coupons. It is not hard to do and more people are getting on board because of the economy. Seriously, it is NOT hard.

There are people out there who think they do not have the time to use coupons. I guess it is ok to pay hard earned money for things that you could have gotten for free. It is amazing when I hear people say things like that.

So, not only for me to see the results of shopping with coupons, I thought I would share so others can see how you truly CAN save a bunch of money using coupons. I will also share with you the websites I use to research and get more online coupons as well. I hope you will find this information helpful.

I would like to preface this with the fact that I have made several trips to the stores listed and in the spirit of keeping it as simple as I can, I am putting each trip separately so you can see how I achieve the savings. I will also be using abbreviations to simplify the process. The abbreviations are below:

TS=Total Spent before coupons

CPN= Coupons savings

ATS=Actual Total Spent (or what I paid at the register)

ECB= Extra Care Bucks (CVS)

RR= Register Rewards (Walgreens)

Thanks and happy shopping!

An Apple A Day


When I was a little girl, my mom used to say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I know it is one of those wives tales and yet there is a ring of truth in it as well. If we eat good foods and not junk, we will be (for the most part) healthier than if we consumed junk foods all the time. I say this generally, not individually. Some people do all the right things, eating good foods, exercise daily, and avoid stress as much as able and yet they still get sick.

When we get sick, we tend to feel awful from head to toe. In this day and age, we trudge forward, and take our illnesses with us to work, school, the market and anyplace else we have to go. When the numbers of those ill reach enormous proportions, it should come as no surprise.

A generation ago, many people stayed home when they were ill. Of course, to balance this line of information it moves me to state that with all of oura new drugs and tests and such, we feel like we HAVE to trudge forward. We have the luxury of having all these medications that were not available not that long ago. A simple cold 60 years ago could mean death if it turned into pneumonia and worse. Some of the “cures” back then were barbaric by today’s standards.

There is a grain of truth in some of the old wives tales we heard growing up. My grandmother gave us a honey/whiskey/lemon concoction when we were ill with a cold or cough. Guess what? It worked. Once I had children of my own, I was reminded of this remedy when they were ill. In an effort to not harm my children, I asked my pediatrician about this homemade remedy and guess what he told me? He said that the honey/whiskey/lemon rememdy was actually very good and he said he doesn’t recommend it because some people have an aversion to the whiskey part of it. The funny thing is that most of the cough and cold syrups of the time had alcohol in them, but they were not aware of it. I confess that it did not hurt my kids, although my daughter used to go to the refridgerator at night and fake a cough so she could have her “medicine” long after her cough had gone.

One of my favorites was the farmers tale that says corn should be “knee high by the fourth of July“. I am not a farmer, nor do I know much about it, but I still find myself checking out the height of the corn around the fourth of July to see if the crops are well along like the tale says. Funny, most of them are so I guess that is where that one came from.

Here is one I hear most any day. It says that if you drop your food on the floor or ground, there is a five second rule and no germs will be on it if you get it before the five seconds elapse. The reality of this one is that the germs aare on there the second the food touches the ground. In five seconds, it is loaded with germs. This has been proven by a scientific study (yes, they study things like this).

Here is one that is actually dangerous. If you happen to get a burn, the wives tale said to put butter on it. My mother did this to me and my sisters. Her mother did it to her. In light of research and studies, though, it has been proven not only NOT to work, but can actually cause the burn to be worse than using nothing at all. Why people did not figure it out is unknown, but it has been passed down for years anyway.

When I was younger, another one I heard was that if you cracked your knuckles, you would get arthritis. Yet again, the research has proven that this one is false, but cracking your knuckles can cause pain and swelling and since it is not good for you, maybe in a convuluted way this kept people from the problems that can be associated with the practice.

I confess that there are many more out there, but the last one I will discuss is the one that says not to swallow your chewing gum because it will not digest and over time you will have a wad of gum in your stomach. I have heard seven years to digest. I looked this one up. On the web page link here, http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/tales17.html

It states that chewing gum is digested just like regular food and in the same amount of time as well.  I am thinking of calling my mother to tell her the truth. Maybe not.

So, some wives tales have a ring of truth to them while others can be harmful. I say that if in doubt, check it out. I did and was amazed to find out the truth to some of these and many others. Happy hunting for you who like wives tales!


Great new snack


Ok, I admit it. I found this new snack and had to share it! If you like pineapple you will love this! Dole has come out with this new snack called “Real Fruit Bites”. It is delicious I tell you! It consists of pineapple and yogurt and whole grain oats and the best part is it is only 80 calories!

My mil tasted a sample at walmart and decided to buy it and bring it home. I tried it and loved it! I will try to find a coupon for it and buy it again. Anyhoo, just wanted to pass this along even though it is not lupus related.

Ah, Rain


Today we are finally getting the one thing we have not had a lot of lately, rain. Rain is a welcome visitor because it has been so dry that most of the lawns are brown and crunchy and actually hurt to walk on barefoot. Yes, we needed this rain for sure.

Rain is also a painful experience for those who suffer from diseases that affect the joints. Most of us will tell you how we can “feel” the rain coming. Our joints will inevitably ache and throb anywhere from a day to a few hours ahead of rain. Science will have you think this is not a real phenomenom but all in our heads, and yet, for generations this has happened to those with joint issues. It cannot be proven by science but it doesn’t make it any less painful or stop it from happening to those who do experience it.

My own grandfather used to predict rain because of his aching joints. Most of the time, he was right! As a child, I remember laughing at him because he could “feel it is his bones”. I am no longer laughing. I have become like my grandfather. I do not watch the news much, and since I don’t, I usually do not know the weather forecast. My body, however, can tell it for me. I have been aching for a couple of days now in my hands and feet.

Sometimes, the old ways are good ways. Many old wives tales have some basis in facts. Otherwise, they would have ceased being said years ago.  The reason for the continuation of this is that, before we had tv meteorologists, we had the signs of the woods, the trees, the land and of course, our bones. These were the telltale signals that something of import was about to occur. People “listened” and watched for the signs of changes. They were more in tune with nature.

This is one that I am sure many others can attest to. This bone deep achiness before the weather changes. Rain, or cold fronts, it doesn’t matter. It is felt by more of us than most know. 

In this way, we have become human barometers. Now, if only I could predict other things…. ah well, I can’t so I will stick with this one thing I seem to be good at.