Simplifying Life


Simplifying. Decluttering. Minimalistic. All are words describing what I have been doing lately. I have so much stuff that I have moved around in boxes that I never even opened. What I mean is that at some point I boxed items up and just never opened them again, instead each time I moved, they went with me. Years of doing this has resulted in what Niecy Nash would call “foolishness”.

My foolishness consists of things ranging from my kids old stuff to things I got from my grandmother and boxes of old bills and pay stubs. It is amazing to me the things I have boxed up. I have become a pack rat. I box junk up and never open it again. Seriously.

The remarkable thing about this clearing out is that I am willing to chuck a ton of it now. I do not need to keep this stuff. Yesterday I was going through boxes of fabric. Some was from my grandmother, some I had bought and some was from friends who knew I liked to quilt. Of course, that was when I had a sewing machine. My old machine went kaput years ago. In the meantime, all this fabric has been boxed up. I found myself remembering how I came to have it and what was worth keeping. Yes I am keeping some of it. I plan on getting a sewing machine in the near future. Quilting is a hobby I had forgotten about but now looks inviting again, as long as I get a new machine. I did box up three boxes to give to goodwill and two boxes for a cousin. One box is all I kept. It’s freeing this simplifying.

I have also been clearing out my clothes. If I haven’t wore it for some time, it’s gone. I have clothes in various sizes so I am not keeping the smaller items at all. If I continue losing weight I will buy myself new if need be. All of these clothes are being donated as well. I was thinking I could donate them to the women’s shelter. The battered women’s shelter I meant. Years ago they helped me and I have some nice dressy professional clothes I am pitching so why not help these women who need a new start?

I am going through the dishes too. I am tired of having so many dishes. I want to get one set of dishes and glasses and pitch the rest. I can donate them too. I have already cleared out quite a few of them and my cupboards are getting more spacious. This is another win win situation.

I have a ton of comforter sets that I want to donate somewhere but bedding is not being accepted around here right now. Bed bugs have infested so many places that centers aren’t accepting bedding. I might have to give them away another way.

A couple of days ago we cleaned the camper out. It had been our storage room. I had forgotten all the stuff in there existed. It just amazes me how much stuff was in there! I took about 12 boxes down to three keepers and the rest donated.

How am I getting this stuff done? I am on that wonder drug of lupus patients, prednisone. It is absolutely crazy how it gives me pseudo energy. I figure that while I have it I need to get down to basics and nothing more. It will make things so much easier for that tick tock that will be occurring in the near future.

Simplifying is freeing to my mind, body and soul. By getting rid of the excess, it makes me feel lighter somehow. It gives me that feeling of less worry. It is helping me cope during the stress of my daily life. It is focusing my energy on my future, and my life. Funny how pitching stuff out to donate can do that to a person. I hope you all have a great day filled with hope and love!!


This and That


Well, the past few weeks have been an emotional ride of happiness and sadness, mixed with laughter and tears. Life is fragile yet resilient. It’s been up and down for sure.

In the last few weeks, we have seen several acquaintances pass away. All tragically. One was found face down in a swimming pool. She was comatose for a few days but ultimately passed away. Another was working at his job and heavy machinery fell upon him, killing him instantly. Yet another friend, whose husband passed away within the last two months, had her son pass away due to accidental overdose. He was in his early thirties. His poor mother also lost her first husband, his father, to a drowning accident many years ago. She has now lost two husbands and a son. How sad.

On a positive note, I have my stomach surgery date! It will be on August 13th. I am excited to get these issues resolved and yet I am worried as well. At my age (53) anytime you undergo surgery it can be risky. I am working to get as much done before I have it. You know, cleaning, cooking meals ahead of time, laundry. I won’t feel compelled to do work if I get these things done ahead of time.

A sweet and dear friend made me peanut butter fudge so I can enjoy it before I go onto my liquid diet following surgery. Yummy! It is delicious!

My husband also won two tickets to see Charlie Daniels. So last night we attended the concert at a local venue here in our town. It’s a great facility. They are a bowling alley with a great restaurant, a huge sand volleyball area with a huge stage for bands. I was sitting in the third row of chairs in the sand. For an old man he put on a whale of a show!! I had sooo much fun!!

So, we have had fun and cried. Ups and downs. Bits of this and that. Hope you all are doing well. Enjoy this day because we are not promised tomorrow.

Spring May Have Finally Sprung?


Well my friends, I think we might actually have lift off for spring! A few times it looked this way only tone buried under snow again. Thankfully, I think the true spring has taken hold so off we go! I love this time of year despite my body’s trials. This time of year brings a sense of renewal to body and soul. The thoughts of beautiful things, such as flowers and babies fills my mind.

I have been in pain, yes, but somehow the beautiful weather dulls it a bit. Psychological, yes, most likely, but it feels great to be alive in spring!

I am planning my garden and getting excited to be growing heirloom plants that are more nutritional than the GMO substitutes available at most stores. I am happy to start my flowers too. I am also planning an herbal garden so I can use fresh herbs in foods. Yes, I love spring!!

Our lupus walk is approaching as well. Still have no team members and I am the only donater so far but I refuse to let it worry me. I have made it to this side of winter and today, nothing will slow me down!! Things will improve, I am sure!

I have also been working on organizing the house. I need to get things in order so that I can relax and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer that is quickly approaching! Funny thing, I never enjoyed spring cleaning before but after this particularly hard winter I find myself enjoying it!!

So off I go to face my day! I hope each of you will slow down and appreciate all Gods Works during this season of warm renewal of life!! I will be!!

Crazy Me


I have been a little out of sorts lately. I have had to undergo a whole slew of tests and still have more coming. It seems I am falling apart. Not really, but it feels like it at times.

I will detail later what is going on. Suffice to say, I may need surgery in the very near future. Yuck!

In the meantime i am concentrating on good things. For example, this weekend I am going to Kentucky for my niece Megan’s baby shower. I am not driving so hopefully it will not be too bad on this old body. 

The weather is crazy right now here in Ohio. I know that Ohio is unpredictable, especially when it comes to the weather but getting several inches of snow one day, causing car pile ups, school delays and such, and then it all melts the next day! Hm, wonder why I am in so much pain lately? I have no clue.<insert sarcasm here>.

This is a time of remembrance as well. Reflecting on the love God has for me by allowing his own son to die for my sins is a pretty big deal. This time of year reminds me that I am not worthy to be a Christian, yet God has provided a ransom sacrifice, in the form of His son, Jesus, so that I can be one. I am grateful for that gift.

I also found out that unbeknownst to me, I am a great grandmother! My granddaughter, Leng, had a baby girl seven months ago! Leng is my step granddaughter but I claim her as my own. Her beautiful daughters name is Jean. I understand why I was not told but no matter, I am a great grandmother!!! Happy happy joy!! Another little girl to spoil!!!

Thanks you all for letting me vent a bit. It is the way I can get stuff off my chest. You all rock!!!! Than you so much! Hope each of you have very happy days today and in the future!



Ok, so today I had the things I needed to do list. I felt like I could get it done. So, onward to accomplish my list for the day. Of course, it was not too bad because compared to most people, my lists are so short that anyone can finish them. On a good day, I can finish them too. Today was a good day! I painted our bedroom one third of the way today. Check . I saw one of my grands today. Check.  I helped hubs with something important. Check. I called storage places for mil. Check.

So, I did what I wanted to get done today! Hooray for checks.

I also heard from several of my friends today. One is a sweet young wife and mother of one with twins expected in a few months. She and her husband got the house they were trying for! Fantastic! I love getting good news! They have tried to get a house for some time now and good for them… they got it!

Sadly, another of my friends buried her father today. It was an unexpected death, a heart attack, which took him and she is dealing with it as best as she can right now. Her daughter is expecting her first baby, and my friends first grandchild, any day now. Highs and lows. Life and death. It is the best of times for her, and now the worst of times. Puts things in perspective for those of us who know her and her family. It shows me to enjoy each and every day because no one guarantees us tomorrow and we need to appreciate our loved ones as if we do not have tomorrow. In that way, we can enjoy them fully and in the end, we will not be thinking, if only….  My friend and her father were certainly very close and I know that as the fog lifts, she will begin to feel the peace God gives us to deal with these things.  We are keeping her family in our prayers.

I hope that today finds you all happy and well and keeping your loved ones close. Never take them for granted. Lesson for the day for me.



This week I found myself reflecting on several changes in my life recently.  I do this on ocassion, it really helps to define the goals in progress and put a perspective on what I need to be doing.  The hardest part is looking at the picture, warts and all, and evaluating the pros and cons of each thing. This can be hard, but therapeutic as well. It is not narcicisstic in the least, since it is for the betterment of myself and those around me.

A magazine I read recently had this to say about life, “‎”Happiness comes, not to those who seek it for themselves, but to those who seek it for others.” 8/1/2010 Awake. This statement is simple in itself but also profound in the meaning. I have actually been somewhat isolated because of a variety of reasons lately. I am sure I do not need to expound in the reasons why. However, I am in need of becoming more people oriented again.

The plain truth is I have become more isolated and that needs to change. I began this process by attending the all class reunion at the end of July. I have also visited with family I have not seen for a long time, and been around my grands as often as possible.

This is a beginning. Now, I need to move forward with the impetus that has been started. I have several ways I plan on doing this. One is to try to make every Christian meeting every week if possible. When not possible, I will tie in by phone so I get my spiritual meals and can become more active in the ministry again. When possible, I will preach in the field and help others to attain to everlasting life. I used to be so active and loved preaching, but due to a viariety of reasons, I have allowed myself to become stuck in a rut and not do as much as I would like to.

So, to meet this goal, I will be studying my bible again, and learning more each day as I get myself off the couch/bed and back into life. Even if I only read for five minutes and reflect on it, it is better than I have been doing. I know this is the most important thing I can do in my life so now the implementation is of the upmost importance.

This is a goal that I plan on working on in the days to come and see how much more I can praise God for all He has done for me, by sharing the bible truths with others. It literally can mean life to those who I can teach and life for me as well.

I will write how I am doing as time goes by and hope to be a better Christian by the end of this goal.

It all begins with one step… here I go….