My new ally in this lupus fight


I have found a way to feel better, or at least a little better than normal these days. My normal for the past few months has been a flare with no end in sight. Painful and depressing. For the last few days though, I decided to try a new trick against the wolf. What is it?

Each and every day for the last few days I have made myself lay down for an hour or so and take a nap. Yup, a nap. Guess what happened? Well, I have always felt at my best right after waking, before the pain gets going full tilt. By taking a midday nap, it makes my body feel as it does in the mornings, and I get decently lower pain. Will this keep up? I do not know. For now though, I will take the naps and see if wolfie will lay off of me for a bit.

I wanted to share this because it might help someone else out there too. I figure, like most of us with lupus, that it is worth a shot to try it. Believe me, we try all kinds of things in an attempt to get this disease under control. This is an easy one to try though. Happy napping!

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


Some days I am! Today would be a perfect example… I am watching four of the grands, at different times of the day, and I am reduced to napping in between several times because of the wolf. Am I surprised? No. You see, last night, as I posted previously, I had begun to have pain, acute and chronic. It was a harbringer of the day today. Try as I might, the more I wanted to keep going, the more my body fought me to lay down. In the end I gave in and rested whenever I could. Tonight, I am going to post this blog, watch a couple of shows I have dvr’d and then off to bed.

My lupus friends out there will understand the above paragraph quite well, because most of us have had days like the one today.  It is my hope that a good nights sleep, coupled with the rest today, may find me feeling much improved tomorrow. Here’s to hoping!

In the meantime I will stop fighting my body and listen to it and succumb to the fatigue this once. Who knows? Tomorrow I may find the big bad wolf has passed me by! Somehow, even with hope, I doubt it. UGH!