Walk for Lupus Now 2011



Wow! It has been a busy week so far for me and it will end with the Walk for Lupus Now event on Saturday. Our team has raised $150 but as it stands right now, we will not meet our goal of $500. I am sad about that because we have met our goal the last two years. I am a goal oriented person and it does bother me. However, we have raised some and since our cause needs all the help it can get, anything is better than nothing! I have just been too sick to get out and beat the bushes as in the years past.

We have had some wonderful sponsors chip in to give us a good base to go with. Subway is an awesome sponsor with two different locations giving us freebies to give out! Kudos to them for their community spirit and giving!

Premier Innovisions is another local company that stepped up to the plate. The owner, Keith Turner, is my former brother in law and he generously gave so my granddaughter would have raised some money! His company is located in Franklin and does corporate IT management. More community spirit!

Chappy’s Tap Room and Grill in West Carrollton gave us a gift card good for $25 to give away as a raffle gift. I have eaten there, and the food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. Whomever wins this gift card will be getting a treat for sure!

Sonic in Middletown gave us ten peelie cards worth over $20 each! They did not hesitate when asked and gave freely! If you have ever been to Sonic, you know their food is pretty awesome and their milkshakes and drinks are amazing!

I have also talked with other local businesses that are willing to get their corporate offices involved and for that, we are grateful! This is only our third year and we are still building our corporate base so to find the willing businesses is a blessing! We are working on this now so we can get rolling on next years event!

We also found that JD Legends, the local bowling facility and concert/sand volleyball place has generously allowed us to book an event to raise even more money! We are booked for June and will be having a silent auction and a 50/50 drawing plus a fun night of bowling! I tell you, this community really does step up when asked to assist in something like this!

This Dayton/Cincinnati corrider can be proud of all the willing businesses who not only WANT to give but do so without any pressure. When asked, they do not hesitate but try to formulate ways to give us the assistance we need to make the event a success!

We are working on establishing new business relationships with corporations in the Dayton area and the Cincinnati area. Each year we will get better at this so please be patient with us. We have many ideas we are working on and hope to get this walk noticed on the national scale as well!

Our walk has more lupus patients in it than many others. This area of Ohio has many lupus patients who are suffering and living each day as best they can. I am one of those patients myself. Our walk is special because so many lupus patients come out and walk the walk! If others knew how hard this is, they would be helping out and not just ignoring us.

I guess that is it for me. I am proud to be a part of something that indeed does touch my family and many others. We are on our way and we will keep walking until a cure is found!

Blast From My Past!


I am indulging in a few lost memories tonight. Today my husband and I drove to Indiana to pick up our “new” truck. Actually it is a 1979 truck but hubbys new toy. We made the drive through Oxford, where I went to college. Miami University of Ohio to be exact. Did you know that Miami University was a school before Florida was even a state? Yup, the university was in business before Florida was even part of the US.

Memories of a different life, time, and place lazily drifted through my mind. I remember the sights and sounds of young voices laughing and talking and studying together. I remember the beauty of the campus with all the big trees and the cobblestone roads. I remember going to Millett Hall to see Elton John in concert with my mom. (That is a whole nother story!).

It struck me how quiet the campus is during the holiday break and yet, life is there… people are still walking the downtown, drinking coffee, and looking at the storefronts. I saw a few college kids but this time the people were mostly residents, older folks, enjoying the quiet too, I would think.

When I was at Miami, I was a driving student. I was not a resident student. I happened to live close enough to drive every day. Somehow, it is not the same thing as living on campus. Two of my cousins did that. They went to Miami too and since they were from Virginia, they lived on campus. I was so jealous.

While attending Miami University (Ohio), I did do a few memorable things that I wanted to share. Since I was a non-traditional student (I was divorced and had 3 kids), I commuted to my classes. At some point, I came up with the idea that students who were parents needed help. After recruiting a few other parents, we formed the organization SPOC. It stands for Single Parents On Campus. To the best of my knowledge, it is still in existence today. My daughter (who also attended Miami) said she saw my name as a founder of the group. I had forgotten, to be honest, because it seems light years since I was such an activist. I am not really an activist, but I do tend to make ideas happen then move on and forget about them once they are implemented.

 I also remember my classes and a few of my professors who made an impact on my life and education. One of my favorite profs was Donna Klaaren, my anatomy & physiology teacher. She was an RN who was married to an orthopedic surgeon. Many did not like her, but I found her to not only be approachable, but a mentor as well. She wore high heels each and every day, and she was in her fifties or sixties at the time. She was clear, concise and demanding, but she was also fair. Point in fact, while I was in her class the first time, I found out I was pregnant with my third child. I had to drop my semester classes because it was a high risk pregnancy. She not only made it easier for me to come back afterwards, she helped me so it did not imfluence my grades or GPA. She was not my advisor, but she took time out of her busy life to mentor me before I left to have my child and after when I returned.

Another of my favs is Ms. Allred. She was my western civilization prof and she was also the professor we chose to help us in forming SPOC. She was a divorced single parnet and so she seemded to be the right choice in an adivsor. I remember once we had a get together at one of the members homes and I gave her a ride in my beat up old clunker. What a hoot!

One of my kookiest profs was my psych teacher. He was British and always came to class int he same clothes, day after day, carrying a beaker with a mysterious amber liquid in it that he would sip during class. Mr. Cooper was his name. I took the first level class, went to class every day, learned all the important theories and junk, then proceeded to get a minor in psych. Yeah, I would show up at the first class each semester, get a class syllabus, then only show up for tests. No books, or anything. Finally, he approached me and asked how I was doing it, because I had solid A’s in his classes. I did not have an answer but he told me I had a natural apptitude for the science of psychology. Hmm, who knew?

My connections to the university go further when my daughter graduated from there as well. She was not only a student but also had her wedding on the campus. Her husband is also a graduate from Miami. When you marry someone who graduated from Miami or if you both went to Miami, you are considered a Miami merger.

Anyhoo, these memories all came flooding back just by driving through the town of Oxford, Ohio. A trip down memory lane, unexpected, but refreshing to open my mind to the past.