Lupus Now Magazine


I got my first issue of the “Lupus Now”  magazine today in the mail and read it cover to cover. It was a great read all the way through! I found an interesting tidbit that I can relate to most days. It says in the magazine that lupies are more prone to being unsteady on their feet and are rather clutzy because of this instability. Wow! They know me!

Not long after reading this magazine, I found myself at a park with six of my grands. My daughter, who is an accomplished photographer (family only for now) was taking pics of them in various places and poses, individually and together. She yelled at me to come over to this tree she was working near with all six of the kids when I found myself literally tripping over nothing and falling hard to the ground.

Needless to say, I am bruised tonight. It could have been worse, much worse. You see I have osteoporosis in my spine from the years of long term high dose steroid use in combatting the lupus. It brought home to me that I really do have to be more careful because in a blink, I could sustain a serious injury and be totally out of commission for a long time.

Ok, it can happen to anyone. However, it is ironic to me that not long after reading that article, it happened to me. Go figure.

On the positive side, the pictures turned out great! Who needs Olan Mills when I have a capable daughter with an artistic flair and she takes much better pictures than most. If you have my fb page, you will see some of her work.