Some days it is not worth getting out of bed


Well hey everybody and thanks for the growth of this blog. I hope you are finding the information you are seeking. It helps when I get your feedback too. Please let me know how you are liking or not liking this blog and feel free to share ways to improve it. Thanks for all your support too! Now, onto the blogging…

For the past few days, I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues. I will not go into them but the gist of it is that others around me seem to feel the need to make me feel inferior, like I am not worthy of any good things. It has made me depressed to say the least. I have been told that I need to exercise more, stop eating or drinking this or that, do more around the house, and the one that blew my mind is the one where I was asked about my medications and did all my doctors know about all the medication I am on. Ok, in short, there are some who feel the need to put me down I guess so they feel better. I get it, but it still hurts.

Following the whole doctors visit and not feeling good at all latley, and you see where I am at. Let me explain this in terms a “normal” person will understand. Here is the scenario, you are flat on your back in bed with the worst flu of your life. You feel weak, and tired and sick. You are barely able to get up to go to the bathroom. Got it? Ok, then picture someone coming into your room and asking why you are flat on your back. You explain and then they tell you that if you would get up and run a mile you would feel better, and if you would only eat that one thing and not eat something else you wuld feel much better. Oh, and then tell you that you are supposed to get up and do the housework, cook the meals, and everything associated with your home, all this while you barely have the energy to get out of bed! Factor in the implied notion from this person that you are really not sick but just seekign attention. How would you feel?

This is how it is for those of us who suffer chronic diseases. Some days we are able to get up, and participate in life as usual. Other days, the bad ones, we feel like c-rap and just need empathy. When you hear of someone who is ill do you like to help them out? Maybe make some dinner and take it to them? Call and check on them to see how they are? See if you can help around the house? Many people do this when there is an illness in their social network. When you have a chronic disease, at first some may do these things, but unfortunately, as time goes on, this ceases. That is the difference between acute and chronic.

You know, sometimes, just a phone call to inquire how the day is going and about nothing in particular, can be a lifeline to those who are ill. Letting them know you are thinking of them is an amazing feeling. It makes them feel like there are those who still think of them, even if they are not able to hang out and do what they used to do. Sometimes, just asking if you can help out, and it does not have to be a big thing either, can mean the world to the one who is ill. The effort is well worth the time you will spend.

We hear of random acts of kindness all the time. Well, today I am challenging you all to do a random act of kindness for someone you know. It may be that new mother down the street, or it can be dropping by your friends house and visiting for a few minutes. In our busy hectic lives, we have lost something essential to our existence, that human empathy that makes us interconnect. So in an effort to do this, bake some cookies for your neighbor, visit or call long lost friends, check in on your older neighbors or family, and begin to feel again. I think you will like how you feel and you could make the difference in someone’s day in a positive way.