Hot and Cold


Well, autumn is here again and this begins the seasonal joys of pain. Why? Well for example, this week in Ohio it is going from 90-100 degree temperatures all week to Fridays high temperature being only 65. Now, this is a welcome break from the heat but when the temperatures fluctuate so wildly like that, those of us with autoimmune issues seem to feel pain and headaches from it. Also, asthma flares for me too.

So, how does the weather affect you?

Better if not for the Weather


Hi again! I must admit that even though I am feeling better since being released from the hospital, the weather is challenging me right now. In Ohio here, we went from 72 degrees int he morning yesterday, down to 21 overnight and snow. These transitions don’t do well on this body. 

As much as I hate to say it, the short term warm weather really zapped me and now my joints are aching, my fatigue level is through the roof and I feel like poo. I am hoping the weather decides to stay cold for a bit now. I mean, good grief, let me stabilize a bit before spring hits and I go through the wonderful season change (insert sarcasm here). 

How are you all holding up? Does the weather affect you as well? Thanks you all for hanging in there while I have been awol. I am making a concerted effort to get plugged in again and get busy with more information all the time. It is nice to get feedback and know that people are actually listening. You all rock!!