Hair today, gone tomorrow


In case you were not aware of it, lupus can cause hair loss. It usually happens when you are flaring or the disease is active. In my case, yes, I am flaring and yes, I am losing my hair. I am blessed with an abundance of hair so the loss usually does not show much. This time, however, I am really getting nervous. My hair is really getting thin. My mother in law said she is finding hair everywhere! I asked hubs tonight how bad it is and he said it is fine. Bless his heart. He would never tell me otherwise.

My thought is that if the loss continues much longer, I may purchase a wig or two. If it comes to that point, I might even shave it and be done. At least then my hair will all grown back at the same time. Right now, the way it is falling out, when it grows back it will be awful!

Vanity is a funny thing. I normally do not give my hair much thought. Yeah it is there, I brush it, I put it in ponytails, I let it curl up. This is strange. My head feel lighter somehow, like the weight of all that hair is going away. My hair is longer than normal right now and usually it bothers me really bad. It is not. Hmm, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe I am going to have less hair now and will not have to worry about all the things like before.

I know of others who have shaved their heads before their chemo. I am not on chemo, but if this flare continues, I may face the same dilemma. Oh well, not going to worry… the hair is here today and I will not moan its loss if it falls out tomorrow. I will just consider it another of those things to experience and move on forward. Not only that, I can get a wig or two and always have styled hair! Hey, there’s a thought!