Spring Cleaning


With our weather here in Ohio warming up, the thoughts of many turn to spring cleaning. This term, “Spring Cleaning” can mean many different things to many different people. For me, it means trying to clear out the house of the winters clutter and reevaluating the reasons I have kept things. It is the throw it out if you have not used it time. I like to donate what can be donated and reused. 

Those who know me know this is a major challenge for me. If I feel great one day, I will work on things until I almost drop from exhaustion. In other words, I overdo it to the point of being down for several days afterwards. I know this. Yet I continue to do it anyway. 

Why do I put myself through it each time? Let me explain. I have had a particularly rough winter this year. In fact, I have been confined basically to bed more than not. The “not knowing when I will feel the energy to clean again” mentality takes over. I am an impatient person. I want to do things and get them done. So, when the energy is there, I tear into whatever I can and hope to get all the way through it before my energy flags. The term “making hay while the sun shines” comes to mind.

In order to accomplish this, I work nonstop until I cannot anymore. Do I feel good about this? Depends. You see, we have one whole room of our house that is piled with stuff we have not unpacked yet. It has been there for over a year. Why? The reason is simple, when I feel good, I do the regular housework and only if I can get that done, do I think about working on that room. It might never get done at this rate. The sad thing about it is that it is all stuff that I have to go through. No one else can do it. The exception is my husband could do it but really, do you think that is going to happen?

While the weather outside is delightful, I want to enjoy the warm sunshine and soothingly warm breezes. I am not a lupus person who is affected too much by the sun. My dream day would be to nap in the warm breezes in the warm sunshine (without risk of burning, this is a dream after all) and feel that warmth permeate deep into my bones and joints. Like a jacuzzi without the water. Oops, sorry got off topic there.

So, it is the time for spring cleaning in our house. I think this time I may take it slow and easy, and maybe get more done in the long run. If I were not so impatient, I might get this to work. Hm, yeah ok! We will see. More than likely, I will go with the making hay thing instead. A lifetime of habits is hard to break after all. Have a great day everyone!