Weather Forecasters


I would like to preface this post by saying I think we need to overhaul the meteorology in this country. For example, last week we were told that we were getting snow here in the ohio valley  How much? Oh, no more than a few inches up to four inches. What did we get? More like eight inches! Who comes up with these forecasts?

Fast forward to today. Yesterday we were issued another winter storm warning with predictions of amounts from four up to twelve inches. Stores were packed with people getting supplies and an overall feeling of dread was present. As the day progressed, however, forecasters started slowly lowering snowfall totals. As of this morning, our winter storm warning has been cancelled and we only have an advisory with forecasts of one to three inches of snow. Seriously???

If I did such a horrible job at forecasting at any other job, I would be fired. How do they get away with inciting panic and then shrug their shoulders and say “woops”? I think its time to refine and shake out all the “forecasters”, and I use that term lightly, and hold them accountable. It’s just me though, so nothing will change  

Weather Woes


It’s that wonderful time of year here in Ohio, the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, the air is crisper, high school football is in full swing and I hurt.

Every year at this time I think about moving south. Why? The weather changes hurt me. Spring and fall the most. Wild weather fluctuations accompanied with big fronts and rain are the worst. In Ohio, we have these in spring and fall. Lucky me. This fall is no different. I want to be out enjoying all the beauty that fall brings but the pain keeps me from doing as much as I would like to. The solution? I would love to move to a warmer climate.

I lived in Georgia several times and despite the mountains and cooler temperatures, my lupus didn’t hurt as bad there. I’m not sure why. I think it is because the weather there, while it does change, is not as unpredictable as here in the Ohio valley, or as we call it sinus valley. Yes it rains down there, but for reasons unknown to me, I just didn’t hurt as bad as up here.

Does that mean I would move back? If I could. My choices of where to live the remainder of my life are (in no particular order) Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee. Kentucky is my favorite because my familial roots are there. I know the weather isn’t much different from Ohio but my heart wants to live there. All the others are gorgeous in their own right and I would not hurt as bad. It’s mostly a dream though because my finances say I cannot afford to not only move, but live elsewhere.

Does the weather affect you all? What hurts you the worst? Hope today is a pain free day or as pain free as it can be. I leave you with a picture of me in the backyard enjoying the hammock on a warm autumn day.


I Was Wrong Again


I thought that spring had finally come to our area here in Ohio. I was wrong. We are getting ready for rain tonight and tomorrow, and following that rainy cold front will be temperatures back in the 40’s. Really! I cannot make this stuff up!

I wondered why all day yesterday and today I was swollen in my joints and hurting all over. Now it all makes sense.

I just wish that Ohio’s bipolar weather would settle into one season. Warm, cold or hot. I don’t really care at this point. Just pick one and stick with it. This 80’s in the afternoon and 40’s overnight stuff is hurting me and many of my fellow autoimmune folks. Just stop! Yeah right, like I can change the weather…ha ha.

Hope you are not hurting in your area from crazy weather like we are here in Ohio! Have a good one!!

Spring May Have Finally Sprung?


Well my friends, I think we might actually have lift off for spring! A few times it looked this way only tone buried under snow again. Thankfully, I think the true spring has taken hold so off we go! I love this time of year despite my body’s trials. This time of year brings a sense of renewal to body and soul. The thoughts of beautiful things, such as flowers and babies fills my mind.

I have been in pain, yes, but somehow the beautiful weather dulls it a bit. Psychological, yes, most likely, but it feels great to be alive in spring!

I am planning my garden and getting excited to be growing heirloom plants that are more nutritional than the GMO substitutes available at most stores. I am happy to start my flowers too. I am also planning an herbal garden so I can use fresh herbs in foods. Yes, I love spring!!

Our lupus walk is approaching as well. Still have no team members and I am the only donater so far but I refuse to let it worry me. I have made it to this side of winter and today, nothing will slow me down!! Things will improve, I am sure!

I have also been working on organizing the house. I need to get things in order so that I can relax and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer that is quickly approaching! Funny thing, I never enjoyed spring cleaning before but after this particularly hard winter I find myself enjoying it!!

So off I go to face my day! I hope each of you will slow down and appreciate all Gods Works during this season of warm renewal of life!! I will be!!

Crazy Me


I have been a little out of sorts lately. I have had to undergo a whole slew of tests and still have more coming. It seems I am falling apart. Not really, but it feels like it at times.

I will detail later what is going on. Suffice to say, I may need surgery in the very near future. Yuck!

In the meantime i am concentrating on good things. For example, this weekend I am going to Kentucky for my niece Megan’s baby shower. I am not driving so hopefully it will not be too bad on this old body. 

The weather is crazy right now here in Ohio. I know that Ohio is unpredictable, especially when it comes to the weather but getting several inches of snow one day, causing car pile ups, school delays and such, and then it all melts the next day! Hm, wonder why I am in so much pain lately? I have no clue.<insert sarcasm here>.

This is a time of remembrance as well. Reflecting on the love God has for me by allowing his own son to die for my sins is a pretty big deal. This time of year reminds me that I am not worthy to be a Christian, yet God has provided a ransom sacrifice, in the form of His son, Jesus, so that I can be one. I am grateful for that gift.

I also found out that unbeknownst to me, I am a great grandmother! My granddaughter, Leng, had a baby girl seven months ago! Leng is my step granddaughter but I claim her as my own. Her beautiful daughters name is Jean. I understand why I was not told but no matter, I am a great grandmother!!! Happy happy joy!! Another little girl to spoil!!!

Thanks you all for letting me vent a bit. It is the way I can get stuff off my chest. You all rock!!!! Than you so much! Hope each of you have very happy days today and in the future!

Better if not for the Weather


Hi again! I must admit that even though I am feeling better since being released from the hospital, the weather is challenging me right now. In Ohio here, we went from 72 degrees int he morning yesterday, down to 21 overnight and snow. These transitions don’t do well on this body. 

As much as I hate to say it, the short term warm weather really zapped me and now my joints are aching, my fatigue level is through the roof and I feel like poo. I am hoping the weather decides to stay cold for a bit now. I mean, good grief, let me stabilize a bit before spring hits and I go through the wonderful season change (insert sarcasm here). 

How are you all holding up? Does the weather affect you as well? Thanks you all for hanging in there while I have been awol. I am making a concerted effort to get plugged in again and get busy with more information all the time. It is nice to get feedback and know that people are actually listening. You all rock!!

Still Alive


Well I am still alive and kicking here in Ohio. I must say though, this flu sucks. I have gone from vomiting and diarrhea onto fevers, chills, aches and coughing with sinus pressure. Yeah, it sucks to be me right now.

No matter that though. I want to ask that all my readers do me a favor please. Actually two. First, please pray for my friend Brian and his wife. They live in Tennessee. Their new baby developed an issue and while at the hospital, it was discovered there is a heart issue. The baby was airlifted to children’s hospital in cincinnati and is scheduled to have surgery. This sweet couple need all the help and prayers they can get! On Facebook, you can read their story at the page, “Lucas Strong”. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Second, I have another friend whose grandson has a rare form of cancer. He had a none marrow transplant and has declined steadily ever since. He is soon now to have no more pain but his family, including my friend who is his grandmother, are experiencing emotionally devastating pain as they let him go. Ironically both children are at cincinnati children’s hospital.

So I ask for prayers for these two families who are dealing with so many different issues right now. You don’t need their names, since I know God knows who they are. I thank you.

As I write this I am watching the snow plow clearing our road. We got seven inches of snow a few days ago and have received around three inches so far tonight. I think our mild winter last year is resulting in the snow of this year.

I will be seeing two doctors in the next week and a half. Hopefully I can get this flu over with and move forward again. I just have not been well and that’s why I have not been on here.

Stay safe and warm out there!! ~Jen