Baby It’s Cold Outside


We have had an extended warm period until a few days ago. Enter winter. You know, that wonderful time of the year when my joints hurt, I make sounds getting up and down, wearing multiple layers to try to stay warm, debating how crucial it is if I do not get outside. THAT time of year.

I was lulled into a false sense of winter being postponed this year. I know, I know better but it was 81 just a few days ago. A girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I must confess that my new regimen of supplements and oils and eating better is showing promise, especially this time of year with the colder temperatures. I usually am so bad in pain that I barely make to out of bed into my chair. I become almost housebound, and the pain is truly horrible. That is how the past years have been for me.

Fast forward to now… I am truly amazed at how good I feel, considering I am in pain still but it is not unbearable. I actually FEEL the pain more but it is not intolerable and I am functioning pretty good. I am shocked. I mean, I knew this time of year would test all my improvements to the limit but I am pleasantly surprised at how it really IS working better than I thought.

The pain I feel is there, but not making me unable to do things. This week, for example, I canned six jars of candy apple jelly, five jars of apple butter, plus did eight jars of beef stew too. If you add in the dehydrating oranges and bananas and apples as well, then you can see I have been busy. I also had to help my mother in law by getting her groceries for her, and run getting our own things too. I moved my pantry shelves into a new room and am in the process of getting more organized. Any one of these things would not have been possible last year. Seriously.

I am amazed. I will keep on doing these changes and see how I fare as winter develops. We are having snow tomorrow and the next day. Not a lot of accumulation but snow nonetheless. Fun times. So, I will be honest about how I am feeling as this season progresses.

I hope you are all feeling well!


Still Alive


Well I am still alive and kicking here in Ohio. I must say though, this flu sucks. I have gone from vomiting and diarrhea onto fevers, chills, aches and coughing with sinus pressure. Yeah, it sucks to be me right now.

No matter that though. I want to ask that all my readers do me a favor please. Actually two. First, please pray for my friend Brian and his wife. They live in Tennessee. Their new baby developed an issue and while at the hospital, it was discovered there is a heart issue. The baby was airlifted to children’s hospital in cincinnati and is scheduled to have surgery. This sweet couple need all the help and prayers they can get! On Facebook, you can read their story at the page, “Lucas Strong”. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Second, I have another friend whose grandson has a rare form of cancer. He had a none marrow transplant and has declined steadily ever since. He is soon now to have no more pain but his family, including my friend who is his grandmother, are experiencing emotionally devastating pain as they let him go. Ironically both children are at cincinnati children’s hospital.

So I ask for prayers for these two families who are dealing with so many different issues right now. You don’t need their names, since I know God knows who they are. I thank you.

As I write this I am watching the snow plow clearing our road. We got seven inches of snow a few days ago and have received around three inches so far tonight. I think our mild winter last year is resulting in the snow of this year.

I will be seeing two doctors in the next week and a half. Hopefully I can get this flu over with and move forward again. I just have not been well and that’s why I have not been on here.

Stay safe and warm out there!! ~Jen

Wolfie we are gonna fight!


I am having one of “those” days. It has been rough trying to be as normal as possible and my treacherous body is not cooperating with me at all. The big bad wolf has decided to rear its ugly head again. My lymph nodes are swollen in my neck, and my face is puffed up on the left side. My hands and feet are swollen. My joints are hurting and a migraine topped off the day for me. This is getting ridiculous I tell ya.

I am beginning two new meds this week. One is topamax for my migraines, and the other is cymbalta for my depression and my rheumy said it would give me some pain relief as well. I need some relief for sure! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired… and winter is just beginning so the pain and suffering almost always gets worse in the colder weather.

Well, I have vented and hope it helps me feel better… sorry for the negativity but it needs to get out of me so I can clear my mind and feel better. Hope everyone has a pain free day tomorrow and every day!